GoodLife Innovations Presents the Community Outreach Award to Bayer and Science City at Union Station

GoodLife Presents Science City with Community Outreach award

The GoodLife Innovations mission is to make a meaningful difference in the everyday lives of individuals with disabilities, aging adults, and those who support them by transforming lives through deep relationships, learning, respect, innovation, exceeding expectations and achieving results.

We are appreciative of Science City for providing our individuals a warm and inviting experience. GoodLife Innovations was the recipient of the Bayer Scholarship which granted us the opportunity to explore and investigate the Science City exhibits.

Our residents and staff enjoyed our time exploring and some of the highlights were:

  • Pilot Scott soaring us through the blue skies above Kansas City
  • April and Austin mesmerized by the 3D printers
  • The extensive train area was a hit with Steven, Karen, Beth, and Marcie. Jenny, and Allison
  • Tim put the law of physics to the test while seated on a bicycle that is suspended on a high-wire 30 feet above the ground. 

Cara said it best, her favorite part was watching our individuals have the opportunity to explore the exhibits and some tackling their fears, shoutout Tim and Allison. 

All of this would not have been possible without the opportunity from Bayer and Science City. GoodLife Innovations is positively charged to award Bayer and Science City with the GoodLife Innovations Community Outreach Award. These two organizations provided us the opportunity to fulfill our mission which allows our individuals to live a GoodLife.

Thank you, Science City and Bayer, for making a difference! Watch for more Community Outreach Awards in the upcoming months.

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