Partners in independent living for seniors

independent living for senior communities

What happens when two organizations partner to support and promote independent living? We go further.  

Working together to reimagine care

For years, GoodLife and Community Village Lawrence (CVL) have been supporting each other’s work to help seniors age in their own homes.  In fact, CVL served as a valuable mentor to GoodLife as we developed the Vibrant Village program—a dynamic space for seniors where needs are met with a neighborly support system empowering individuals to age in place. 

Now, GoodLife and CVL are united under a shared vision: to enhance and support the quality of life for seniors by allowing them to thrive at home, surrounded by good neighbors. 

Neighbors helping neighbors

“We are a membership-based community for individuals who wish to age in their home but may need extra support in order to do so,” shares CVL founding board member and volunteer Ellen Paulsen. Through an easy-to-use platform that catalogs both needs and skill sets, neighbors connect to a rich network of other neighbors who are willing and able to lend a helping hand. 

People deeply desire to serve and contribute value; sadly, our society makes it difficult and even embarrassing to ask for help, leaving a myriad of unexpressed and unmet needs. Our Village model takes “neighborhood” to the next level, where we believe that everyone has something to offer. By removing barriers and streamlining the means to both give and receive help, the pilot light within each community is lit. The result is a neighborhood where being neighborly is natural and attainable. 

“From rolling a trash can to the curb, to driving someone to an appointment, or checking in with someone daily—help from a neighbor (or helping) with day-to-day tasks can make a monumental difference in empowering seniors to age comfortably in their own homes,” says Ellen. “Not only that, but the cost of long-term care is astronomical. Aging in place has a large cost-savings benefit for seniors and families, too.” 

A foundation for a Vibrant Village

“CVL was instrumental in launching GoodLife’s Vibrant Village,” says Jenni Bryan, GoodLife’s Director of Special Projects. “Vibrant Village provides a pathway for those we serve to thrive and flourish within a self-sustaining community. CVL’s expertise helped us lay the foundation. The next logical step was to go all-in as partners, uniting under a common goal to kindle vibrant neighborhoods.” 

Together we can quickly identify the needs of a community, engage with and make the most of existing resources, incentivize volunteers to participate, and set the stage for eliminating all of the barriers to independence that our community members face. 

In the past, the next step after living in your home was long-term care or assisted living. “We’ve created a world now where there are many steps and choices in between,” shares Jenni. “From relying on a diverse and robust network of neighbors who are able and willing to help one another to incorporating iLink Technology as an added layer of support, we’re reimaging what’s possible for senior living and independence. And it’s very exciting” 

Learn more about how GoodLife’s senior services support independent living.  

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