Dakota Gehrer_headshot

Dakota Gehrer

Assistant Regional Director of South Kansas Services

My name is Dakota Gehrer. I am the Assistant Regional Director of South Kansas Services at Goodlife and have been employed since early 2020. I have played many roles from DSP and Team Leader to my current role; Home Coach/Trainer/Day Service Coordinator. I do my best to leave people better than I found them. One of my specialties is coaching people to be their very best. I model this by continuing to learn and improve on myself everyday. I would consider myself to be a very driven person. My focus is the key to my patience because I understand there are factors I cannot control. I enjoy having fun, socializing, and I am not afraid to be the life of the party, especially in the training room. When staff leave my classes, they are motivated, educated and inspired! I enjoy my job, being married and being a mom. I have many interests. Music is one of my first loves, I love all kinds. I am a great swimmer, I have two Rottweilers, and a beautiful truck named Jane.

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