GoodLife U Video Blog: The Power of 36 & 48

We are kicking off a new season of GoodLife U’s Video Blog this month with an episode about GoodLife’s 36 and 48 hour pay contingency. But first, let’s do a little bit of reminiscing. It’s been 2 years since Covid came into the picture and we all remember sitting worriedly around our tables with some serious concern about what we… watch now

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

While we are weathering the perfect storm we talked about several years ago, sadly, the problems have been more difficult than we could imagine and are predicted to only get worse. If you’re feeling the pain of the nation-wide workforce crisis, you are not alone–but we can help. GoodLife U’s innovative schedule and pay strategies are making a difference for… read more

GoodLife U Episode 6: Paid Time Off and Pay Day

Welcome to Episode 6 of our GoodLife U series! As a reminder, this video blog is also available wherever you get your podcasts. You can find the Quest for the Good Life series (where we discuss next generation services, including technology-enabled service models), as well as the current GoodLife U series (where we have been exploring the labor crisis and… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 5: Premium Pay

Don’t forget that each GoodLife U episode builds on the last; to get the most out of this episode, you really need to go back and watch Episodes 1 – 4, where we covered the DSP Staffing Crisis, the Problem with Wonky Schedules, our Five Faucet Theory, and Filling the Vacancy Gap. Today’s episode is all about Premium Pay–buckle your… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 4: Filling the Vacancy Gap

We are close to the midway point with our GoodLife U Video Blog Series and are excited to be working with so many of you to help squeeze the most out of the limited workforce resources we’ve got.  As a reminder, each episode builds on the last; to get the most out of today’s episode, we recommend you’ve watched Episodes… watch now

GoodLife U workforce strategies empower organizations to do more

GoodLife U workforce strategies empower organizations to do more

Mission-driven organizations continually do more with less. But what if an organization could do more with more?  GoodLife U is a toolbox designed to do just that. It includes accessible, practical, and affordable solutions to enable home and community-based service providers to do more with limited (and dwindling) resources. GoodLife U’s strategies help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)… read more

GoodLife U Episode 3: The Five Faucet Theory

GoodLife U Episode 3: The Five Faucet Theory In our last episode of the GoodLife U video blog series, Dr. Mike Strouse walked us through the Problem with Wonky Schedules, how they came to be so logically illogical, and what we would prefer instead. If you remember, a Wonky Schedule actually never delivers individualized care, smaller homes/settings, Direct Support Professional… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 2: The Problem with Wonky Schedules

In the first episode of our GoodLife U series with Dr. Mike Strouse, we discussed the Direct Support Crisis and talked about how we must tackle improving the stability of staffing in ways that can affordably improve the quality of lives of those persons we serve, improve the lives of those DSPs who make our mission possible, and increase the… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 1: The National DSP Crisis

Our new GoodLife U Video Blog and Podcast series is kicking off with a discussion about the national workforce crisis. Realistically, this crisis isn’t new–we’ve watched it ebb and flow across the years. But this season feels a little different, and in many ways we are facing some unprecedented challenges. In the past, when unemployment is high we’ve had a… watch now

Introducing GoodLife U

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the backbone of the workforce behind community living and service support models for individuals living with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and seniors.  For more than thirty years, the DSP workforce has been one of the most unstable workforces nationwide. Recently, statistics showed that annual turnover rates for DSPs were at 50%, in comparison to… watch now

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