Meet Ivo Ivanov: Multimedia Specialist

Meet Ivo Ivanov: Multimedia Specialist

GoodLife’s dedicated staff are the backbone of our organization so we love highlighting their stories and sharing their passions. This month we were excited to connect with Ivo Ivanov, a valuable member of our marketing team and GoodLife’s go-to for all things multimedia.  Ivo, how long have you been with GoodLife, and how did you come to join the team?… read more

Inside the GoodLife with Nicole Kanaman


There’s no better way to learn about the GoodLife than to hear from the people living it. Today we visit with Nicole Kanaman. Nicole is a behavior analyst and is currently earning her Ph.D. at the University of Kansas (KU). Nicole and her husband Ky, cofounder of GoodLife work program KC Pop Co., also share their life with two GoodLife… read more

Meet Heather Kessler


Heather, tell us how you contribute to the GoodLife population. Sure! I’ve been a nurse for more than 10 years and have direct support professional (DSP), long-term care,  and hospice experience. What I loved about hospice is that the goal is to make sure individuals have a good quality of life, and that translates well to what GoodLife works to accomplish.… read more

Meet Anthony Stephens

Meet Anthony

Anthony, how do you contribute to the GoodLife population? I think the better question is how does GoodLife contribute to my life? That’s way more impactful in my mind! But to answer your question, I am a Direct Support Professional (DSP) serving four men that live together in one of our residential homes. My job is to care for these men… read more

Meet Adriane Murray

Meet Adriane Murray

Adriane, tell us how you contribute to serving GoodLife’s population?I began my journey with GoodLife in a direct care role when my husband and I accepted a Family Teaching Model position. For three years, we lived on one side of a duplex and 3-4 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) lived on the other side. I then moved on… read more

Meet Dr. Florence DiGennaro Reed

Florence DiGennaro Reed

Flo, how do you contribute to the GoodLife population?I have worked in partnership with GoodLife through my position at the University of Kansas since 2010. My job is to help improve ways GoodLife supports their staff so they can do their jobs well to deliver the best care possible. I work directly with staff to find barriers and then work… read more

How our tested strategies improve your bottom line


As a community provider who cares for individuals with developmental disabilities (I/DD), you’re all too familiar with the problems we face with flat-lined state and federal reimbursements. The recently published article “Missouri Looking To Fix ‘Disastrous’ Pay System For Developmentally Disabled Care” explains the current situation quite well, and we encourage you to read it. In short, states reimburse providers… read more

Meet Stephanie Thorne, Director of Admissions

Thorne Family

Stephanie, how do you contribute to serving GoodLife’s population?Maybe I’m biased, but I think I have the BEST job at GoodLife! As the director of admissions, I’m the first person a family, individual or case manager talks with when they’re looking for services or independent living for seniors and those with disabilities. They may have just received a diagnosis or… read more

Meet Nichole Reiske

Meet Nichole Reiske

One focus for GoodLife in 2019 is integrating and applying the power of iLink technologies across our suite of services and into every home. The Applied Technologies Center (ATC) is our health, behavioral, case management, care concern and vacancy management hub. The ATC is a valuable add-on to our Neighborhood Network, further allowing for us to care holistically for each… read more

Meet Yolanda Hargett

Meet Yolanda Hargett

Yolanda, tell us how you contribute to serving GoodLife’s population? I’ve been working with Mike Strouse since 1984, in the early days of implementing the family teaching model in Western Kansas. In 1986, I started working for GoodLife (CLO in those days) and their community living programs for individuals with I/DD. Back then we served 20 people, today it’s over… read more

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