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This past year at GoodLife has been incredibly impactful. Your continued partnership is a valuable part of reimagining what’s possible for independent living. Before you dive in to the full impact report, please take a minute to watch our heartfelt thank you from CEO Mike Strouse on behalf of the entire GoodLife family.

The Perfect Storm

Multiple forces have been converging in Kansas (and nationally) to increase the costs of traditional community services that support a variety of populations–all of whom need help to live independently.
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A New Paradigm

Squeezing more value out of traditional approaches to care is no longer the answer. Instead, GoodLife is creating next-generation services, where new approaches are highly leveraged by emerging technologies to affordably expand the human touch, providing the right care, in the right place and at the right time.
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GoodLife Infrastructure


Agency Profile & Background

GoodLife (a Kansas non-profit company), is a national leader in the creation and dissemination of innovative, enriching, and highly cost-effective service and support models for individuals with barriers to independence. GoodLife’s subsidiary (CLO) was founded in 1977, and now GoodLife provides $26M of services to over 500 individuals (and their families) in the state of Kansas annually. Much has been made possible by a 40-year partnership with a group from the University of Kansas Department of Applied Behavioral Science (KU). This talented team manages all quality assurance processes, lending third-party performance evaluation to GoodLife.
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iLink: Touch of a button

iLink Technologies

In 2000, GoodLife began developing iLink Technologies: advanced smart technologies that allow remote professionals to virtually see, hear, feel and act to support a variety of populations who need help to live more independently.
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Professional Services

As community-based services grow, GoodLife prioritizes holistic and wrap-around support for those served. Professional Services offered by GoodLife include health care, behavioral support, staff training, and service coordination. When leveraged by iLink, Professional Services are available on-demand, giving clients immediate access and coordinated care.
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Innovative Service Models

The Neighborhood Network (NN)

At GoodLife we believe that support should be an organic amenity of each neighborhood where 24/7 peace of mind is fused with personalized care right when needed, thereby reducing costs and allowing those with barriers to independence to experience meaningful and satisfying lives in their own homes. That’s why we created the NN. It’s a comprehensive, cost-effective neighborhood support model that combines technology with natural and professional supports. The NN weaves professional and in-home care organically into the fabric of a typical, well-selected, amenity-filled neighborhood.
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The Professional Family Teaching Model (PFTM)

PFTM homes are a supported living arrangement where an individual, couple, or family share their home with a person with I/DD. PFTM arrangements closely replicate a private home experience to maximize the individual’s independence and quality of life. In the PFTM model, iLink units are self-directed to provide support, supervision, and on-demand case management in the foster setting.
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Who We Serve and Why

For 40 years GoodLife has served the lifespan of need for persons with I/DD and in response to the Perfect Storm, needs to diversify its funding streams. We’d love to tell you more about our intentional corporate redesign.
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The GoodLife Provider Co-op

GoodLife offers a cooperative opportunity for providers to share talent and resources in a way that improves sustainability and preserves independence (both of persons served and providing agencies). We’ve seen strategic alliances, networks, and co-ops outlast stand-alone competitors every time–we are eager to partner with like-minded, mission-driven organizations through GoodLife’s Co-Op.
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GoodLife’s Applied Technology Center (ATC)

The ATC is where GoodLife’s Professional Services are retooled to fully maximize iLink. It acts as a central support hub of strategic and coordinated care across all disciplines: health, behavioral analysis, case management, staff training, and quality assurance professionals are all remotely available to help individuals and in-home staff receive robust professional support in the moment and place of need.
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GoodLife Staffing Innovations

When helping traditional programs turn the corner to next generation services, GoodLife begins by identifying which efforts can most quickly improve care, lower cost, move an agency incrementally closer to the next generation of care. GoodLife’s Staffing Innovations operation offers a strategic approach to a full suite of time-tested workforce solutions and labor strategies that put more margin in the mission.
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GoodLife’s Impact

GoodLife’s impact is especially seen through the measurable data that’s collected both here and with our partnering agencies. The demand GoodLife is experiencing from other providers who want and need innovative solutions reflect the reality felt by all: human and social services across the country are already experiencing crisis–and it’s only set to get worse. GoodLife’s next generation services provide the solution needed and is poised to have wide and lasting impact.
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What’s Next for GoodLife?

Limited only by our current capacity, GoodLife offers community partners the opportunity to make a groundbreaking social investment and create lasting impact. GoodLife’s paradigm-shifting approach will revolutionize care, one neighborhood at a time. If you are interested in partnering with GoodLife, we’d love to hear from you.
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