Help us Grow Midnight Farm

We’ve got plans to grow and improve Midnight Farm, our most unique and well-loved program at GoodLife. But we can’t do it alone.

Midnight Farm is GoodLife’s shining star of a program. So many of our residents, day service attendees, parents, guardians, staff, and friends of GoodLife have had wonderful experiences and created cherished memories at the Farm. We’re willing to bet you have some cherished memories of your own, there.

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Midnight Farm Has Something For Everyone

From the many creative activities, growth experiences, community building, and adventures we offer at the farm to the Shared Living homes we have built on the property to provide a peaceful, rejuvenating space for residents, Midnight Farm truly has something for everyone. It is a well-loved and highly valued addition to our GoodLife family.

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When you love something, you invest in it

You invest your time, attention, energy, and money into it.

Which is why, this year, we’re raising funds to invest back into Midnight Farm. We have some specific projects at Midnight Farm that we’re planning on investing our time, energy, and money into.

You can help us restore some highly used spaces and help us begin our journey to grow Midnight Farm even more.

The Farm for Everyone


Trail renovations

Goal: $175,000

Access to nature is one of the best parts of Midnight Farm; the warmth of the sunlight on your face, hearing the birds sing as the wind whispers through the trees…
We can make this blissful experience accessible for everyone by paving one of our highly used trails. A good renovation will allow us to re gravel a main trail. A better renovation will allow us to pave this trail so no one is left behind.


Melba McNichols Stage & Screen

Goal: $8,500

In loving memory of Melba McNichols, we will be constructing a high-quality theater stage including a retractable drive-in movie screen for the Midnight Farm Arena.
Melba’s compassion, positivity, and passion for music were a beautiful gift to GoodLife and to celebrate the lasting impact she had on our community, we will be dedicating this space to her.


Equipment for New Pony Activity

Goal: $800

Everyone loves our animals! This new activity will give our residents and visitors an added opportunity to engage with our ponies. The activity involves a cart and harness that would allow our ponies to take visitors for a ride around the property. The activity will provide exercise and stimulation for our ponies and exciting rides for our visitors!


Build a Storage Barn

Goal: $30,000

We always prioritize the safety of our guests, which is why it’s important, as we grow, for us to store supplies like fuel and tools away from the main property where our guests reside. This project will allow us to build a pole barn for storage of these important tools in a safe space where we don’t have to worry about our guests and residents stumbling across them.

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