Community Service Tax Credits Awarded to GoodLife

tax credit

GoodLife is pleased to announce that we are a proud recipient of 2022 Community Service Tax Credits awarded by the Kansas Department of Commerce. The tax credits will support our initiative to build a 4th home to support individuals with disabilities at Midnight Farm. After the announcement was made on July 12 by the Department of Commerce, GoodLife’s CSO, Megan McKinney Todd, said, “We are thrilled to be granted $150,000 tax credits this year, which are so important in helping us raise funds. This award uniquely allows donors who support our project at Midnight Farm to receive 70% of their donation back as a credit on their 2022 Kansas Tax return. Every dollar counts and the tax credits are a game changer since GoodLife relies on the generosity of its supporters to bridge our funding gaps. Any chance we get to give back to our donor base while accomplishing more for the individuals we serve is a win-win-win in our book.”

This is the second time in 3 years that GoodLife has been awarded the opportunity to partner with the Kansas Department of Commerce as a recipient of Community Service Tax Credits. In 2020, GoodLife was awarded tax credits and successfully raised more than $400k to support the expansion of its award-winning Neighborhood Network with iLink Technologies. “We hope to have even more success with this year’s campaign,” continued Ms. Todd, “since our project is going to infuse our beloved Midnight Farm. It’s a magical place and I’m so excited to have the tax credits to help us kick-start the building of our 4th home out there.”

Stay tuned for more information about our fundraising campaign and if you’re interested in following this project, be sure to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter.

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