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Day Services Without Walls for Adults with Disabilities

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Day Services, Reimagined

Every adult with intellectual or developmental disabilities deserves a quiet place to relax, unwind, and recharge. Midnight Farm offers visitors a chance to relax in nature, explore their creativity, and connect with others at a beautiful, 40-acre farm in Douglas County, KS.

Get Away From It All

Midnight Farm’s therapeutic setting is critical to building valuable life skills and easing the stress and overstimulation of city living. For individuals who are part of GoodLife’s residential services or participate in GoodLife’s Day Services, the farm’s peaceful, rural character offers a day service experience that you just can’t get at a community center.

Douglas County, KS

4 Farm Activities Every Resident Loves


Nurture | Skill-building

Midnight Farm’s horticulture program promises to immerse visitors in the fascinating world of plant life. This program offers opportunities to learn about seasonal gardening and different types of plants, learn flower arranging, and work in our Greenhouse.

Gardening at Midnight Farm


Skill-building | Adventure

Visitors of Midnight Farm have the opportunity to learn how to drive and ride in golf carts around the arena and on roads and trails. Once earning their “Midnight Farm Driver’s License” individuals can operate golf carts on the trails. We also offer golf cart designed obstacle courses for additional driving skill development.

Midnight Farm's Golf Carts for Driving Lessons

Special Events

Community | Fun | Health

Midnight Farm hosts regular events like dances, sports and fitness, art in the park, movie nights, and more (like our famous Haunted House and Annual Color Run!). Midnight Farm also participates in special events like concert series, KAW Valley Farm Tour, Baldwin City Maple Leaf Festival, or visits from local groups (like the KU Football team).

The KU Football Team visits Midnight Farm to play a spirited round of touch football.

Caring For Animals

Nurture | Skill-building

At Midnight Farm, visitors can get an up-close and personal experience with our farm animals! They have an opportunity to interact with the animals and learn grooming, ranching basics, and how to care for animals.

Nurturing our animals at the Farm

A Place to Give Back, A Place to Come Together

Many adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities receive lifelong support yet crave the opportunity to help and give back. Midnight Farm offers adults with I/DD the chance to experience the joy of giving care by nurturing plants and animals as well as a place to build community through the events, games, and activities hosted at the Farm.

Find Purpose at the Farm

Visitors of Midnight Farm can find their voices through creative expression. The Farm features a pottery studio, printmaking and textiles, painting, arts and crafts and a music program including musical theater, karaoke, vocal classes, and instruments.

KC Pop Co is headquartered at Midnight Farm.

GoodLife’s TEAMWork program (our employment program for residents) is also available at the farm. TEAMWork employees run KC Pop Co and also have opportunities to learn job skills related to ranching, lawn care, maintenance, events, and more.

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The Farm is a truly unique and versatile addition to GoodLife and offers wonderful opportunities for learning and growth. To schedule a tour, contact Nichole Reiske at nicholereiske@mygoodlife.org.

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Volunteer now! You can help our dedicated Staff plan spectacular events, care for our animals (or plants!) and hang out with our amazing GoodLife community.

Driving Golf Carts at Midnight Farm

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