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Residential Housing To Empower Semi-Independent Adults With Disabilities

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Hand-Picked Homes With 24/7 Support

When part of the Neighborhood Network, residents live in one of our neighborhood locations with a roommate. Homes are close to GoodLife staff, who are on-call, 24/7.

Housing For Adults With Disabilities

For those who want less hands-on support, the Neighborhood Network is for you. Live in a community where you can maximize your independence and grow deep, meaningful connections with others.

Current Kansas Locations:
Lenexa | Lawrence | Wichita

Adults with I/DD smiling on apartment balcony

Agency-wide benefit

Based on Top Research from the University of Kansas 

We knew there had to be a better solution for semi-independent adults with I/DD. So, in 1977, we partnered with top behavioral researchers from the University of Kansas to develop a new program to help you maximize your independence. Read more here.

Avoid Group Homes,

Achieve Independence

Unfortunately, group homes are a one-size fits all solution. But for semi-independent adults with I/DD, there’s better option. Unlock the independence you deserve and don’t settle for less.

Thrive In A Community That Is:

Safe and Accessible

Close to Public Transit & Parks

Filled with Amenities


Watch Yourself Thrive

How does the program work?

The Neighborhood Network is powered by iLink’s 24/7 Smart Home Technology. This technology ensures semi-independent adults with disabilities like you can maximize your independence.

Smart Home Technology + Safe Supportive Communities

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What Happens After I Get In Touch?

1. Contact us: Once we receive your contact info, we’ll send an email with some questions to get to know you better.

2. Answer questions: The questions we ask help us understand your lifestyle, interests, needs, and goals.

3. Schedule your tour: After our questionnaire, we’ll schedule a tour of our community so you can see it for yourself!

Did you know that over

of all Neighborhood Network Residents are employed?

Develop powerful life skills like resume building, cooking, laundry, and more!

Adult with I/DD working at job as crossing guard

Agency-wide benefit

2020 Moving Mountains Best Practices Award Winner

In 2016, Autism Speaks honored the Neighborhood Network as the best service in its international HeroX House to Home Competition. In 2020, Neighborhood Network was awarded the Moving Mountains Award for best practices in workforce development. Read more about this distinguished honor here.

Tour Your New Home

Come see for yourself how the Neighborhood Network is maximizing the independence for adults with disabilities.

Tour Time: 90 minutes

Austin’s Story

Austin’s transition to the Neighborhood Network program helped him avoid group homes and unlock a new level of independence.


“We are all friends here. We like to swim at the pool, visit each other’s apartments, play video games and watch sports together.”

Happy Neighborhood Network resident gives thumbs up

Austin, Neighborhood Network resident since 2012

Roommate Matchmaking Process

For semi-independent adults with I/DD, living with a roommate doesn’t have to be a hassle. Don’t sweat! The Neighborhood Network’s roommate matchmaking process makes living independently seamless and fun! Our hands-on, human approach ensures you get matched based on compatibility.

Questions about our Housing Services?

We recently compiled a list of the Top 5 Questions we get about our Residential Housing Services. Check out our blog article to read the answers!

Top 5 Questions on Housing Services

Ready to Experience the GoodLife?

Not sure if the Neighborhood Network is right for you? Get in touch today to find out! Our staff are here to help you!

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A New Way to Thrive

Our service model combines a well-selected neighborhood, professional neighbors, and iLink Technologies to create an inclusive, affordable, and self-directed home environment.

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Life is more than just a series of needs. It’s just as important to offer rich learning opportunities and guidance–where each person can contribute talents and energy to give back, build independence, and gain valuable skills.

GoodLife has several additional offerings that can maximize personal growth and skill building. Contact us to see if you or your loved one might be a good fit!

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Welcome to the GoodLife!

Great news! After 44 years serving individuals with disabilities, CLO has expanded its mission under a new parent company called GoodLife Innovations, Inc. New name, new website, same belief: a purposeful life of choice, dignity, and independence is possible for those with diverse abilities. Come along as we continue to make a meaningful difference.

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