The Surprising Power of Human Connection for Adults with Disabilities: Matt’s Heartwarming Story

two friends howl like wolves at midnight farm

Like many adults with I/DD, Matt thrives on human connection. Matt’s friendship with Kourie is proof that genuine, personal, and consistent human connection is a fuel that makes us better people. A heartwarming reminder of why personal connection allows so many adults with disabilities to thrive.

Matt and Kourie’s Friendship

During a recent trip to Midnight Farm, I found Matt and Kourie howling like wolves. They would howl, pause, laugh hysterically, and howl again. While I’m not sure why the two decided to impersonate wolves, their spontaneous duet remains one of the funniest things I’ve witnessed.

“I consider Matt one of my best friends,” says Kourie, who has worked at Midnight Farm for years. “He makes me a better human. We have so much in common. My day is not complete until I see him.”

Matt and Kourie are true buds. I’ve seen them work out, share stories, watch movies, browse TikTok, and crack each other up with jokes. They’ll often pair up for one of Matt’s favorite Midnight Farm activities—golf-cart driving classes.

Finding Human Connection During COVID-19

The in-home isolation imposed on everyone by COVID-19 was particularly tough on Matt. Friends, human communication, and relationships are just as important to him as air, food, and water. 

In May of 2020, a few GoodLife employees surprised our residents by delivering small presents to their porches, ringing the doorbell, and cheering them from afar on the street. I was lucky enough to tag along. 

Eventually, we made it to Matt’s house. As he opened the door, he was so overcome with happiness that he jumped over the present at his feet and rushed towards the street. All he cared about was that Kourie was right there waving and smiling at him. His old friend! Here again! Within just a few feet from all those hugs he’s been bottling up for months! 

Matt made it halfway to the van before remembering the pandemic and new rules. The realization stopped him in his tracks. His face suddenly transformed from a perfect picture of happiness to complete and utter sadness. 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” he said while backing up, “Thank you so much! I love you guys!”

A Reminder to Nurture Our Connections with Others

Every time I visit Midnight Farm, I look for Matt. But, I’m not the only one. People gravitate around him; they seek his positive energy and strive to be in his orbit. As we see with Matt and Kourie, personal connections allow everyone to thrive and experience a sense of belonging. Their story reminds us that genuine, human connection is one of life’s greatest gifts. Perhaps the positive impact we have on others is deeper than we once thought.

Share Kindness With Someone You Love

Could someone in your life use a touch of kindness? Matt and Kourie’s story is a must-read for anyone needing a little hope. Make a difference today and share Matt’s inspiring story with friends, family, or coworkers.

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How to Help Adults with I/DD like Matt at Midnight Farm

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