The Surprising Power of Human Connection for Adults with Disabilities: Matt’s Heartwarming Story

two friends howl like wolves at midnight farm

Like many adults with I/DD, Matt thrives on human connection. Matt’s friendship with Kourie is proof that genuine, personal, and consistent human connection is a fuel that makes us better people. A heartwarming reminder of why personal connection allows so many adults with disabilities to thrive. Matt and Kourie’s Friendship During a recent trip to Midnight Farm, I found Matt… read more

Disability Doesn’t Define You: Cheyenne’s Incredible Story of Kindness and Strength

woman hugs a cat and smiles

Defined By Kindness Despite being born with cerebral palsy, Cheyenne tirelessly navigates Midnight Farm with grace and dexterity, readily offering high-fives and introducing each animal by name. She proudly presents Bandit the donkey; Kallie the adorable pony; Pixie the mischievous goat; Batman the protective rooster; and Petunia the lazy, yet amiable pig. The animals on the farm flock toward Cheyenne,… read more

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