Day Services

Having places to go, performing meaningful work, and participating in enjoyable activities are important parts of a fulfilling lifestyle. 

Day Services are adult programs and activities that provides meaningful opportunities designed to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Day Services is a strategic focused program that develops, arranges, and coordinates life-long learning opportunities such as daily-living skills, health and recreation programs, volunteering and work opportunities. Individuals enrolled in Day Services will have a variety of engagement opportunities throughout the community. We are constantly growing to meet the needs of all of the men and women served.

There are 4 models currently available located across four sites:  Johnson County, Douglas County, Midnight Farm and Iola.


Model 1: Day Services At A Center

This model is built for those who come and take scheduled classes at a location and stay all day.


Model 2: Community Based Day Services

This model supports a more community based schedule. The outings include work/volunteering and active participation in the community. Models 1 and 2 can be combined to make a more enriched experience.


Model 3: Customized Day Services

Home Coaches and the NEK Day Service Director customize a schedule every month that meets the needs of the home.


Model 4: Day Services Across Sites

Men and women can start in JC and spend some of the day in DC (take a class/lunch). They can come out to MNF and drive golf carts and take a music class in the amphitheater.



RISE is a day-services program for semi-independent adults, that takes place Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. The RISE curriculum focuses on building social skills, budgeting and money management, life skills development, and job readiness. RISE participants spend time in the community as well as The RISE clubhouse. Within the community, RISE participants will be volunteering, sightseeing, grocery shopping, using the skills they have been practicing in a variety of ways and and enjoying the best that life has to offer. RISE programming provides ways to get involved, as well as a place to hang out, have fun, and relax--all while mastering the skills it takes to grow as individuals and live independently.

All of these day service models have policies/procedures so please contact GoodLife with questions.  For more information or to apply contact GoodLife’s Director of Intake, Stephanie Thorne at or 785-979-1922.


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