GoodLife U

A full and integrated toolbox of accessible, practical, and affordable solutions to enable doing more with limited resources.

Expanding the capacity of community-service providers nationwide

They say if you want to go far, go together—and we agree. That’s why GoodLife partners with mission-driven organizations across the country to achieve win-win-win solutions for sustainably improving the lives of people who need support and the direct support professionals (DSPs) who provide care. When you partner with GoodLife U, everyone benefits. Together we can share resources, leverage costs, and increase capacity while preserving your agency’s independence and improving your bottom-line.


Workforce 101

We like to start here. Put more margin in your mission with GoodLife U's workforce schedule and pay strategies.

Where GoodLife U's labor strategies have been put into action, the results are lower turnover, an increase in wages for DSPs, fewer vacancies, reduced reliance on part-time staff, fewer different people involved in care (which means higher quality care), improved stability, and more. LEARN MORE ABOUT WORKFORCE 101

GoodLife U Products & Services

The GoodLife U team provides consulting tailored to your organization’s needs. Our suite of services includes all of the tools and resources needed to help your leadership team understand and implement cost-saving approaches. We love watching it happen: collaborating enables service-driven agencies to experience the benefits of scale without sacrificing independence. We invite you to explore our impact and partner with us.

Leverages resources

Strategies & Service Models

Let us explore new strategies with you for:
Schedules and Pay
Workforce Management
Coaching and Supervision
Direct Support Marketing
Strategic Partnerships
Continuous Improvement

Reminders, structure and help you need

Site Reviews & Scheduling

Our solution includes innovative schedules that offer front/back and premium pay strategies for a powerful and positive impact.

Service Coordination

Technology Integration & Pivot Planning

We understand what's at stake when organizations embrace change. Integrating technologies with innovative service approaches is our sweet spot.

Financial Management

Funding Support & Partnerships

Sustainability is integral to advancing your mission. Make the most of our grant-writing team, who are highly experienced with developing entrepreneurial programs and pursuing external funding.


Tim Frey, President/Owner of VistaCare, Inc.

"What we learned from the GoodLife team about schedules and pay strategies has made a huge impact here. We are still facing an uphill battle with the DSP crisis, but we feel armed and ready. Next we are preparing for integration with iLink, which is extremely exciting. Our industry faces real challenges, but partnering with GoodLife has been positive and empowering."

Paving the way

We hope you end up where we have, fully embracing technology as a tool for delivering next-generation services.

Affordable advanced training and change management packages are offered by GoodLife U, including everything you need to implement iLink Technologies as an agency infrastructure and enterprise solution. You know your clients best and our goal is to equip YOU to provide both remote and direct care.

Learn more about iLink


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Welcome to the GoodLife!

Great news! After 44 years serving individuals with disabilities, CLO has expanded its mission under a new parent company called GoodLife Innovations, Inc. New name, new website, same belief: a purposeful life of choice, dignity, and independence is possible for those with diverse abilities. Come along as we continue to make a meaningful difference.

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