Improve the Capacity of Your Direct Support Workforce

We help you redesign your schedules, systems, and compensation strategies to stabilize your workforce and provide your team immediate relief from the pain of the staffing crisis.

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We Can Get You Results

The GoodLife U research team analyzed the results of implementing its Labor Strategies in a study of 27 organizations across 15 states, potentially impacting over 340 homes and more than 1,582 individuals served. Imagine the impact our approach could have on your organization.

Payroll costs saved_2022_3


In Annual Payroll Costs

Add more margin to your mission. Our pay strategies help you increase your DSP pay while remaining within the limits of the current payroll allocations.

Pay Increase_2022

Average Increase

to the Hourly DSP Wage

We were able to raise the hourly DSP wage by more than two dollars, not including possible PTO savings, which can add another $0.67 per hour in most cases.

part time reliance2


in Reliance on Part-Time Positions

Nothing increases the number of different people involved in care like a high percentage of part-time DSPs. We strategically reduce the number of part-time positions which improves turnover and the quality of care.

DSP capacity_2022

Extra Shifts

of Added DSP Capacity Annually

While still guaranteeing at least 2 days off per week. Imagine being able to guarantee a healthy work-life balance for your DSPs in addition to stable, reliable care for the people you serve.

Providers Face an Ongoing Workforce Crisis

It is no secret that care providers face an ongoing workforce crisis. If you're feeling the pain of the nation-wide labor crisis, you are not alone--we can help and immediate relief is often easier to access than you might think.


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We've Been There.

GoodLife U was developed from the collaboration of GoodLife Innovations and the University of Kansas Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences. As a care provider, GoodLife was no stranger to the pain of staffing shortages, competition from other industries, wonky schedules, vacancies, and work-life balance. Over the years, we leveraged our partnership with KU to develop new, innovative workforce solutions, staffing approaches, pay strategies, and service models to address each of the problems we were facing.

We tested these new solutions on ourselves. And they worked. They worked so well, in fact, that we knew it was vital to share them with other agencies, like yours.


Stacy Soria, Chief Strategy & People Officer at Koinonia

“The process to implement new schedules was HARD for staff and managers, not knowing all of the ‘why’ behind the changes being made. BUT NOW, those same staff are speaking up about how happy they are and about how their quality of life has improved tremendously. We even had a manager share that this week was the first time her schedule didn’t include direct care hours she had to cover – and stories like this are all over the place. I am so grateful we didn’t let the challenges of change keep us from all of the rewards.”


Tim Frey, President/Owner of VistaCare, Inc.

"What we learned from the GoodLife team about schedules and pay strategies has made a huge impact here. We are still facing an uphill battle with the DSP crisis, but we feel armed and ready. Next we are preparing for integration with iLink, which is extremely exciting. Our industry faces real challenges, but partnering with GoodLife has been positive and empowering."

How Does Partnering with GoodLife U Work?

We get it: Change is hard and if you feel like you’re drowning, it might be hard to imagine taking even a step in a different direction. The good news is, we’ve done this a lot. We’ll be able to ease your path through the process and provide you with messaging tools and transition support so your team and your workforce knows what to expect.

Our 3-step process is designed to support your team step-by-step through EVERY change. Together, we can stabilize your workforce.


Ready to get started? Email us at: Consultants@mygoodlife.org

Here's how it works:

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To Start: Workforce 101

Before we kick-off our 3-step plan, we schedule a FREE workshop we call "Workforce 101." In Workforce 101, we outline our approaches and strategies for the leadership and decision-makers at your organization to give a broad overview of how we operate. This is a great time for us to answer all your questions or concerns and offer clarification on any aspect of our process so your whole team can feel confident about moving forward.

Leverages resources

Step 1: Site Review

During our site review, we gather all the information we can about your programs through a series of surveys, research, and meetings with your team. This allows us to customize our approach and identify the strategies that we think will offer the best and quickest ROI for you. We can conduct these meetings in-person or virtually.

Service Coordination

Step 2: Analysis

We work closely with your team to analyze the details of your program. Our team of experts then redesigns your schedules, systems, and compensation strategies, and we present the results to you to highlight the impact of our proposed changes. Our analysis and the new schedules and systems we create are yours to keep, regardless if you choose to implement or not.

Highly-trained professional caregivers

Step 3: Implementation

We understand what's at stake when organizations embrace change. We meet monthly with you and start with a plan of action. We guide and support you and your team through each decision, new process, and strategy. We also provide you with the documents and tools you need to move forward. Have questions? No problem! Our team is available to provide guidance and help you find a resolution.

More About Our Strategies and Workforce Solutions

We've worked hard to provide you with tons of free, valuable content to help you on your path towards staff stability.

Our GoodLife U Vlog series is a great place to start. You can watch the videos below or visit our GoodLife U Series Blog page for even more in-depth information. Are you more of a podcast fan? No problem, the episodes are also available where ever you get your podcasts.

GoodLife U Blog Series

GoodLife U: 2022 Video Blog Series

GoodLife U: 2021 Video Blog Series

Are you here because of iLink?

Don't worry, we'll talk about iLink, too.

iLink is one of the many tools that we use to help you revolutionize your agency. Our GoodLife U program offers a clear path towards next-generation service models where the use of iLink can help you better address intermittent care needs and support your staff all while offering greater independence, self-direction, and privacy for your residents.

To learn more about how our iLink infrastructure can help you refocus on your care mission, stabilize your staffing, and utilize technology to improve the quality of your care, visit the iLink Technologies website.

Learn more about iLink

Why GoodLife U?

It’s time to embrace change.

At GoodLife U, we know you are the kind of care provider who wants to provide incredible care for your residents and a balanced, healthy life for your DSPs. The way to achieve those outcomes amidst a nation-wide workforce crisis is to reexamine your traditional service models, schedules, pay strategies, and systems. The problem is, you’ve been so focused on bailing water to stay afloat that you can’t even imagine transitioning service models that could cause your already sinking ship to rock. You can’t afford to lose a single DSP and you’re feeling and seeing the stress on your agency, your DSPs, and your residents.

There is hope. 

We believe that every DSP and every organization leader should get to experience the GoodLife of reliable care, increased pay, desirable schedules, work-life balance, appropriate ratios of care, lower turnover, and fewer vacancies. We’ve seen the difference that reimagining service models and systems can have on an agency. That is why we have dedicated our GoodLife U team to working closely with care providers across the nation, like you, to implement research-based, lasting solutions.

When we partner with care providers, we approach each organization with our 3-step process.

The Plan:

1. Site Review: We’ll take a deep-dive into your programs, schedules, and systems. Then we’ll bring this information back to our team of experts and figure out the quickest way we can provide you relief and an immediate ROI.

2. Analysis: We use the information from our site review to break down all your programs and systems to build them back up again. Then, we’ll present you with a clear picture of how our recommended changes will impact your organization.

 3. Implementation: Finally, we’ll show you the ultimate goal and provide you with a step-by-step plan to accomplish it. Then, we’ll help you implement each strategy and provide you with support, guidance, training, our intellectual products, and important marketing materials to help you communicate the changes to your staff.

The reward is worth it.  

We can’t promise that the change will be easy, but it is worth it. Schedule your Workforce 101 workshop. Stop bailing water and start on the route towards stabilizing and improving the capacity of your direct support workforce.

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Welcome to the GoodLife!

Great news! After 44 years serving individuals with disabilities, CLO has expanded its mission under a new parent company called GoodLife Innovations, Inc. New name, new website, same belief: a purposeful life of choice, dignity, and independence is possible for those with diverse abilities. Come along as we continue to make a meaningful difference.

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