GoodLife U Video Blog: Bifurcating Your Workforce

This week we are excited to share unique concepts surrounding employee benefits and what is now possible within the new Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (or ICHRA) policies.

GoodLife U Video Blog: Replacement Staffing

This month on our GoodLife U video blog series with Dr. Mike Strouse, we are going to tackle replacement staffing solutions. There’s no question that we face an inordinate number of shift openings and instability across the country, so our focus has to be on effective replacement staffing solutions. This is GoodLife U’s sweet spot. We love utilizing a variety… watch now

GoodLife U Video Blog: The Power of 36 & 48

We are kicking off a new season of GoodLife U’s Video Blog this month with an episode about GoodLife’s 36 and 48 hour pay contingency. But first, let’s do a little bit of reminiscing. It’s been 2 years since Covid came into the picture and we all remember sitting worriedly around our tables with some serious concern about what we… watch now

GoodLife U: Bonus Episode

This month Mike sat down with Jim Holland, labor attorney and Regional Managing Partner for Fisher & Phillips, to talk about the ins and outs of Premium Pay. If you remember, this is specifically related to the incredible number of questions and inquiries we received after publishing Episode 5 – Premium Pay in our GoodLife U Video Blog Series last summer. … watch now

Bonus Video Blog Episode Coming Soon!

Bonus Video Blog Episode Coming Soon!

Greetings to the provider nation and happy new year! Our GoodLife U Video Blog Series bonus episode was scheduled to publish this month, but due to safety concerns, we’ve opted to delay Mike’s interview with our premium pay expert for now.  We recommend you use this month to catch up on the series and/or specifically revisit Episode 5 – Premium… read more

Congrats GoodLife U Class of 2021

Congrats GoodLife U Class of 2021

Our GoodLife U Video Blog Series is wrapping up for the year! Thanks to all of you for tuning in, and a hearty congratulations to the GoodLife U Class of 2021. Want to know what they achieved? Take a look at our impact report and check out some of our testimonials below. This year brought about unprecedented staffing challenges and… read more

GoodLife U Episode 9: Rise Up, Look Back, Step Forward

We find ourselves nearing the end of the GoodLife U Video Blog Series and wanted to take this opportunity to make sure we rise up, and gain the perspective of our 500 foot view to both look back (at what we’ve learned) and set our sights on our next step forward. Our GoodLife U series has focused extensively on strategies… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 8: Professional Extended Families

Welcome to Episode 8 of our GoodLife U Video Blog Series, with Dr. Mike Strouse. This month we are excited to talk with you about our Professional Extended Family Model, which is similar to other Shared Living programs, or what some would call “host homes;” however, our model has some distinct differences, and we’ve learned a lot across the last… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 7: Lifestyle Professional Direct Support Positions

This month in our GoodLife U Video Blog series, Dr. Mike Strouse is going to cover Lifestyle Professional Direct Support positions, which are positions that allow the caregiver to live with, next-door to, or down the street from the people they support. We like to call them “lifestyle” positions because people in these roles (and those that they support) essentially… watch now

GoodLife U Episode 6: Paid Time Off and Pay Day

Welcome to Episode 6 of our GoodLife U series! As a reminder, this video blog is also available wherever you get your podcasts. You can find the Quest for the Good Life series (where we discuss next generation services, including technology-enabled service models), as well as the current GoodLife U series (where we have been exploring the labor crisis and… watch now

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