GoodLife U: Bonus Episode

This month Mike sat down with Jim Holland, labor attorney and Regional Managing Partner for Fisher & Phillips, to talk about the ins and outs of Premium Pay. If you remember, this is specifically related to the incredible number of questions and inquiries we received after publishing Episode 5 – Premium Pay in our GoodLife U Video Blog Series last summer. 

You spoke and we listened! We are thrilled to be able to introduce you to Jim Holland in this episode since Jim is a labor law expert and has supported GoodLife across the last several decades

In this episode Jim provides an overview on how premium pay works, the legality of it (from both a federal and state level), and it’s incredible win-win benefits. GoodLife U’s team has been consulting with providers across the country throughout this staffing crisis to help provide relief and offer some hope. Above all, we know that we need to pay DSPs as much as we possibly can. Premium pay allows us to do this and while it is complex, it’s also a critical tool that’s been proven to help us accomplish our goals of raising wages while staying within limited margins. There are nuances and details that really should be covered in a thorough discussion with your labor attorney though—that’s why today’s episode is so important.

The duo also talk about the advantages of having employers (like you) lean on the expertise of a national practice to manage the labor and employment issues that will necessarily arise, since state laws can differ from federal laws and having state-level experts across the country saves time and money.

We hope you take some time to listen in on Mike’s conversation with Jim and don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about premium pay or the other tools we use to rise amidst the national staffing crisis. Our GoodLife U Class of 2022 is almost full, but we’d love to get to know your agency, explore your pain points, and offer some hope—we promise it is not too far out of reach.

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