Approachable technology that helps people live independently

Approachable technology that helps people live independently

GoodLife’s focus has always been empowering people to live more independently. To achieve this, we partner next-generation service models with approachable technology.

Dr. Mike Strouse, CEO of GoodLife, was a guest on the Easterseals “Assistive Technology Update” podcast. He talked with the host, Josh Anderson, about how GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network encourages seniors and people with disabilities to live more independent lives. Mike explains how GoodLife’s iLink Technologies allows support to be delivered at the exact moment and place of need. It’s the unique combination of these 2 elements that sets GoodLife’s approach apart.

The Neighborhood Network 

People love to experience independence, and GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network helps people live on their own. The Neighborhood Network is a unique combination of a well-picked neighborhood, iLink Technologies, and professional supports that are woven into day-to-day lives of each resident, providing 24/7 support. This allows seniors and individuals with disabilities who are fairly independent to have a safety net of security, self-determination, and privacy. They can trust that when they have a problem and need help, it will be there in a minute or two.

During the episode, Mike explains how we assess and design a Neighborhood Network. It begins with evaluating the area using an assessment developed in collaboration with our partners at the University of Kansas Department of Applied Behavioral Analysis. When choosing an area, we want to find homes that are already close to important amenities like public transportation, shopping, and medical facilities.

Once the area is selected, we start developing a neighborhood support system. We hire and infuse the community with professional neighbors. They live in the community, become invested in it (and those who live there), and are able to provide aid as needs arise.

We want the individuals we work with to feel comfortable and to welcome us when they need help. When residents have strong relationships with their direct support professionals (DSPs), they view assistance as helpful rather than as an intrusion—this is key. Our professional neighbors take time to build relationships with residents, so they can offer outstanding care.

iLink Technologies

In traditional systems, like assisted living or group homes, staff often wait around until a need presents itself. That’s the only way programs can affordably address intermittent needs.

GoodLife is different. We combine self-directed technology with professional neighbors to help people live more independently. Those we serve are part of a vibrant community and can feel secure knowing help is available on demand if they need it.

We can accomplish this by infusing iLink throughout the homes including sensors, self-directed cameras, and intercoms. These devices connect to iLink Assist, our software that helps weed out unnecessary intrusions while also making sure that when help is needed, it’s delivered. Each home is linked to a neighborhood support center and backed up by our Applied Technology Center, where remote professional care (like nursing, behavioral analysts, and staff support) is available as well.. iLink allows us to provide a wide range of personalized and person-centered assistance to those living in the Neighborhood Network. SinceiLink does all the heavy lifting, GoodLife is better able to address the intermittent or unpredictable needs of our residents. The result? Greater independence, improved privacy, more peace of mind, and a community of intentionally designed support.

Approachable technology that helps people live independently

Technology is always changing. Many people struggle to keep up and navigate the complexity of “smart” home solutions. GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network is a service model that leverages technology but makes it as accessible as possible.

Our easy-to-use solutions are embedded throughout the homes and only require the push of a button to use. From the neighborhood support center, Professional neighbors use iLink to support the residents, improve safety, control home automations and provide help exactly when needed, either in-person or virtually.

If you want to learn more about GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network or iLink Technologies, we invite you to listen to the entire podcast episode or click here to see if the Neighborhood Network is right for you or your loved one.

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