GoodLife CEO Mike Strouse featured on Easterseals’ “Your Assistive Technology Update” podcast

Assistive Technology


On April 19, 2019, GoodLife CEO, Dr. Mike Strouse, spoke with Josh Anderson on the “Your Assistive Technology Update” podcast through Easterseals Crossroads of Indianapolis.  Josh’s podcast shares the latest technology designed to assist individuals with disabilities and special needs.

On the episode, Mike shares how GoodLife’s focus has always been helping others use service models that are the next generation of care to help people.

He talks with Josh about how seniors and those with I/DD can help one another live independently through support systems, like GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network (NN), that fundamentally become an amenity of that neighborhood. Mike explains our iLink technologies, and how they embed within each home to remotely monitor residents and deploy on-demand Professional Neighbors to support independent living. He covers how building relationships and familiarity is critical within the NN to empower residents to feel comfortable with the tech that helps them feel safe and thrive. Mike even reveals his current favorite GoodLife technology, the FYI Card, and our labor strategy, Workforce 101.

Listen to the entire episode below:


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