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iLink Technologies

iLink Technologies allows the right support to be delivered at the moment and place of need by support staff who know their clients best. Utilizing advanced home automations and smart sensors controlled by cloud-based software, iLink provides sustainable support without unnecessary intrusions.

iLink: Touch of a button

Just-in-case care is reactionary and expensive. iLink Technologies, in development since 1999, weaves personalized support into the fabric of a well-selected neighborhood to know what you need when you need it. And should the unexpected happen, Professional Neighbors are connected by one-touch technology to deliver immediate care. Think of iLink as an extension of the caregiver team, supporting affordable, proactive, safe, independent living.

Remote monitoring

Virtual support

Local staff (we call them iCoaches) know each resident personally and provide a virtual presence in each home. They remotely monitor and support health, behavioral, and safety needs, control home automations, and are able to deploy and supervise in-home help.

Senior iLink

Smart Home automations

As soon as you cross the threshold of an iLink home, you are just one-touch away from personalized and customizable care that supports maximum independence. From cooking support to medication reminders, barriers to independent living are reduced or eliminated.

iLink Home

Award winning and replicable

iLink is a nationally-recognized remote support service that allows agencies to provide immediate, dependable, and cost-effective care. In 2020, ANCOR awarded GoodLife's Neighborhood Network and iLink with the Moving Mountains Award.

What can you do with iLink Technologies?

iLink provides agencies with the foundation needed to redesign care models for remote support, and the applications are endless.

iLink can be used for remote support applications such as:
• Night Support
• Remote Health
• Remote Behavioral Support
• Remote Service Coordination
• Remote Training & Support
• Remote Quality Assurance

Interested in more information on iLink Technologies? Visit the iLink Website for details on how iLink Technologies can help you refocus on your mission, stabilize your staffing, and utilize technology to provide high-quality care.

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