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Residential Housing For Adults with Disabilities

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GoodLife’s Family Teaching Model

Now, you have a new option to provide your loved one with care that is individualized, engaging, and provides comprehensive support. Your loved one can learn and grow their daily-living skills while thriving in a community.

The Support You've Been Looking For

The Family Teaching Model offers persons with intellectual of developmental disabilities of varying support needs access to comprehensive, community-based care. Our Family Teaching Model can provide a higher-level of support with a combination of shift staff, live-in staff, and virtual on-demand support via GoodLife's iLink Technologies.

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What can I expect from The Family Teaching Model?



Individualized, high-quality care


Our Family Teaching Model experiences extremely low turnover, providing a steady, consistent level of care. Family Teaching homes provide the level of support needed by each individual and helps them grow in their independent living skills as a part of an active, engaged community.


Technology-Enabled Support


Our Family Teaching Homes also utilize GoodLife’s iLink Technology infrastructure, which uses smart-home technology to provide additional remote coaching and support at the moment and place of need while minimizing unwelcome intrusions.


Community Engagement


Our Family Teaching Model is highly connected to the community. Residents spend a minimum of 25 hours a week outside of the home: in the community, participating in activities, spending time at Day Services, attending events, or sightseeing.


Extensive Care Oversight & Quality Assurance


We provide extensive care oversight and community engagement that improves the quality of life, health, and well-being for everyone in our services. Our practices are based on cutting-edge research and positive outcomes.


Comprehensive, Whole-Person Care

Support is provided by highly-trained staff dedicated to teaching independent living skills and providing engaging opportunities for meaningful community building. Care is comprehensive and designed to provide a family-style atmosphere while taking into consideration the needs of each individual as a whole.

FTM Style Duplexes

What are the homes like?


Family Teaching Model homes are primarily duplexes where the individual with disabilities lives in one side and staff lives in the other. Homes vary from location to location. We are happy to provide tours of homes in your area before making any decisions.


Where are homes located?


Family Teaching Model homes are located in many of our service areas. Currently, we have homes located in Douglas County, Johnson County, and Allen County. Check with our Director of Admissions to see if there are homes near you!

Our Locations

How do you increase independence?


At GoodLife, we take the time to guide and teach individuals with disabilities how to improve in their daily-living skills. We use a combination of motivation systems, learning curriculums, and individual, hands-on support to teach and improve upon their independent living skills.

How is GoodLife different from other service providers?

GoodLife Innovations was founded over 40 years ago by parents and guardians who knew just how important it was for their loved ones with disabilities to live in a community with opportunities for choice and control over their lives. Today, a majority of GoodLife’s board of directors is still made up of parents, guardians, and advocates. Their passionate leadership combined with our history as a research-based care provider in Kansas means we understand the struggles adults with disabilities are facing. We’ve designed the Family Teaching Model to help.


How We Stand Apart:

Close-up businesswoman's hand holding a pen pointing at a bar ch


GoodLife develops and demonstrates our always-evolving service models in collaboration with the University of Kansas Department of Applied Behavioral Sciences. Our practices are based on cutting-edge, applied research and positive outcomes. KU also helps provide oversight on our programs and services so that we're always improving.

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Behavioral Support

GoodLife offers a unique and robust behavioral support program to all FTM residents. We have Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) on staff who provide assessments, behavioral case-management, and ongoing training and support for our staff, our residents, and their guardians.

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Internal Nursing Program

GoodLife has a team of Registered Nurses on staff to integrate health, behavioral, and social support through an in-home telehealth clinic. GoodLife’s nurses are available as a first point of contact for care, and they guide residents and in-home Direct Support Providers in managing their ever-changing, ongoing health needs.

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Our Process

How to Get Started with the Family Teaching Model

1. Complete a Contact Form
2. Our Director of Admissions will follow up with you to talk about about your options with GoodLife
3. If GoodLife is a fit for you, we'll discuss next steps and get you started with the applications process

We understand that getting started with services can be overwhelming.

We’ll help guide you through every step of our application process and make sure you feel comfortable with the transition into GoodLife’s services. Our application process is extensive so we can ensure that every resident is placed where they will thrive.

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Welcome to the GoodLife!

Great news! After 44 years serving individuals with disabilities, CLO has expanded its mission under a new parent company called GoodLife Innovations, Inc. New name, new website, same belief: a purposeful life of choice, dignity, and independence is possible for those with diverse abilities. Come along as we continue to make a meaningful difference.

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