GoodLife nursing infuses technology for better community-based care

GoodLife nursing infuses technology for better community-based care

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell

No one saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming. So while GoodLife wasn’t anticipating a global health emergency, our well-established service models that have been equipped with iLink Technologies enabled our nurses and clinical staff to keep residents and direct support professionals (DSPs) as healthy and safe as possible. GoodLife’s services need to be excellent now while we also prepare for the future. Our visionary and innovative leadership team continues to make decisions that drive quality alongside sustainable growth.  Specifically, GoodLife nursing is putting this innovation into practice with updates to technology, the delivery of care, and COVID-readiness.   

Technology empowers DSPs in nursing support

GoodLife’s history is in caring for individuals with disabilities well. Our community-based nursing staff is a vital part of our care model. GoodLife’s nurses are available as a first point of contact for care, and they guide residents and in-home DSPs in managing their ever-changing, ongoing health needs. “COVID-19 shed light on areas of our care model that we could adapt,” shares Director of Nursing Heather Kessler. “We discovered opportunities to use our in-home iLink technology in ways that reduce unnecessary in-person interactions—we can be there for our residents without actually being there. This helps us reduce the spread of the virus and gives residents a greater sense of independence.” Heather’s team easily connects with residents in their communities, identifying which needs can be met via telemedicine or remote iLink observation. “Our nursing staff learned that we don’t need to be in the home to provide exceptional care,” shares Heather. “As needs arise, our residents lean on us for one-on-one support in a delivery method that works best for them and their situations.” 

GoodLife is implementing a new in-home kiosk to make delivering care even smoother. Kiosks provide DSPs a simplified and mobile view of the different programs needed to help administer in-home care. Nursing staff can remotely take over the kiosk screen to teach DSPs how to document meds and record health events. “We are excited to see this tool in action,” says Heather. “Our nursing department consists of six nurses serving over 300 residents. The kiosks empower DSPs to join us in providing care. We’ve learned the only way to do what we do is to do it together, and iLink makes that possible.” 

Cold and flu season and COVID-readiness

As much as we wish the COVID-19 virus is no longer a threat to our health, we head into the cold and flu season continuing the practices that have shown to keep our residents, staff, and loved ones safe: handwashing, social distancing, wearing masks, and administering flu and COVID-19 vaccines. Preventative measures and our proven models of care help GoodLife residents live as one connected, interdependent community today and tomorrow. 

“As we look ahead to the end of the year and 2022, we’re taking time to evaluate how we enhance care management and create new, innovative ways to best support our DSPs. In turn, we’re serving our residents even better,” says Heather. “There are goals  of continuous improvement across GoodLife’s programs, services and care models, and you see that reflected on the faces of our community. People truly are happy, healthy, and living the good life.” 

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