The Surprising Power of Human Connection for Adults with Disabilities: Matt’s Heartwarming Story

two friends howl like wolves at midnight farm

Like many adults with I/DD, Matt thrives on human connection. Matt’s friendship with Kourie is proof that genuine, personal, and consistent human connection is a fuel that makes us better people. A heartwarming reminder of why personal connection allows so many adults with disabilities to thrive. Matt and Kourie’s Friendship During a recent trip to Midnight Farm, I found Matt… read more

Disability Doesn’t Define You: Cheyenne’s Incredible Story of Kindness and Strength

woman hugs a cat and smiles

Defined By Kindness Despite being born with cerebral palsy, Cheyenne tirelessly navigates Midnight Farm with grace and dexterity, readily offering high-fives and introducing each animal by name. She proudly presents Bandit the donkey; Kallie the adorable pony; Pixie the mischievous goat; Batman the protective rooster; and Petunia the lazy, yet amiable pig. The animals on the farm flock toward Cheyenne,… read more

How Our Parents and Guardians are Helping Us Improve

How Our Parents and Guardians are Helping Us Improve

There are a lot of reasons why the disability service industry is challenging and while the rewards far outweigh the challenges, we admit to often feeling overwhelmed and perpetually behind. Historically, we have had to chase resources and lean on our ingenuity and innovation, not only to make ends meet, but to deliver the highest quality of care and attention… read more

GoodLife’s community partnerships offer new learning opportunities

GoodLife’s community partnerships offer new learning opportunities

GoodLife is community focused in everything we do. We believe that when we share experiences and opportunities with others in the special needs community, ongoing learning, teaching, and growth can occur – all to support a more active, independent, and joy-filled quality of life. GoodLife gives back to the larger I/DD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) community – and the community gives… read more

GoodLife U Episode 1: The National DSP Crisis

Our new GoodLife U Video Blog and Podcast series is kicking off with a discussion about the national workforce crisis. Realistically, this crisis isn’t new–we’ve watched it ebb and flow across the years. But this season feels a little different, and in many ways we are facing some unprecedented challenges. In the past, when unemployment is high we’ve had a… watch now

Built on equality, celebrating individuality: GoodLife’s Diversity Committee

diversity committee

Goodlife’s history is a story of passion, equality, and connectedness. For more than 40 years, we have fought to push through barriers of injustice that diminish the rights of those who have been marginalized, specifically individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). From our inception, diversity has been represented within our organization by gender, race, age, religious preference, sexual orientation,… read more

Why recognizing hard work is valuable for happy employees

Why recognizing hard work is valuable for happy employees

We love our staff, and it’s important to us that they know it. In honor of Direct Support Professional Recognition Week (September 8-14, 2019), we visited with GoodLife’s director of HR, Adriane Murray. She shares all that GoodLife does to recognize our caregivers, residents and partners that work hard every day to reimagine what’s possible for independent living.  Adriane, how… read more

Spend a day at Midnight Farm: Kaw Valley Farm Tour showcases GoodLife programs

Midnight Farm

We can tell you all day how great our programs and technology are in the fight to reimagine independent living. When there’s an opportunity to show GoodLife in action, you’ll be the first to know.  For the first time, our work program partner Midnight Farm will be featured on the 15th Annual Kaw Valley Farm Tour. Featuring 32 farms across… read more

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