Spend a day at Midnight Farm: Kaw Valley Farm Tour showcases GoodLife programs

Midnight Farm

We can tell you all day how great our programs and technology are in the fight to reimagine independent living. When there’s an opportunity to show GoodLife in action, you’ll be the first to know. 

For the first time, our work program partner Midnight Farm will be featured on the 15th Annual Kaw Valley Farm Tour. Featuring 32 farms across Douglas County, Kan., the tour gives visitors a fun and interactive farm experience, supports local farming and introduces the many faces of agriculture in the Kaw Valley. 

Midnight Farm is a one-of-a-kind  GoodLife work program that allows individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) within the Neighborhood Network to work, learn and grow in a safe, inclusive and familiar environment. Program participants keep the farm running through working in various roles with a variety of responsibilities. “They are the ones that plant, water, grow, harvest and sell the produce from our eight raised garden beds. They care for the animals and the property – they keep the farm running,” says Director of Northeast Kansas Day and Work Services, Melba Wright. 

“This is a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the community,” shares Midnight Farm barn manager and event coordinator, Kourie Kanaman. “Over 600 people will visit our farm over the weekend, and it is the perfect chance for our hard-working men and women to shine. They will be running the farm tour and have been working hard to prepare.”  

Day services coordinator Laura Williams wants the community “to know us and our purpose. It’s important for individuals to know that there is a place for everyone, and we have a place here for you on the farm. Growing up, I didn’t know where my friends that may need assistance could go. Now I do!”

Midnight Farm will showcase a pumpkin patch, greenhouse and gardens, animals, live music, art, ice pops by KC Pop Co., food truck fair, Kids Zone of activities, a golf cart obstacle course and more. Ticket booklets for the Kaw Valley Farm Tour are $10 per carload. Find tickets online, at farms on the tour and at The Merc Co+op, Lawrence Visitors Center, K-State Extension and Research and Baldwin City Chamber Commerce. We look forward to seeing you there!

If partnering for or participating in GoodLife’s work programs sounds like something you’re ready for, let us know!

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