3 Reasons Why Innovation Matters In The Care Industry

3 Reasons Why Innovation Matters In The Care Industry

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that providers need to adapt to change if they want to succeed.  What individuals with disabilities need and expect from their care has evolved more in three years than it has in the four-plus decades since we founded GoodLife. Employee preferences are also changing, with employees seeking greater value and… read more

The 3-Day Workweek: An Innovative Approach to Staffing

The 3-Day Workweek: An Innovative Approach to Staffing

The 3-Day Workweek: An Innovative Approach to Staffing Do you want to work fewer days each week, earn full-time income, and have a career that makes a difference? That’s exactly what GoodLife offers Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) with its innovative 3-day workweek. In this blog, we’ll highlight the details of the 3-day workweek and the benefits for our Direct Support… read more

DSP Scheduling: How GoodLife Is Changing The Game

DSP Scheduling: How GoodLife Is Changing The Game

Our friends at SETWorks recently conducted an interview with GoodLife CEO, Dr. Mike Strouse, on the intricacies and strategy of DSP scheduling at GoodLife. We’re proud to share their Q&A with you but first, a brief introduction. In the disability services industry, it’s not uncommon for agencies to experience high turnover, unfilled shifts, and call-offs. In fact, it happens often.… read more

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

While we are weathering the perfect storm we talked about several years ago, sadly, the problems have been more difficult than we could imagine and are predicted to only get worse. If you’re feeling the pain of the nation-wide workforce crisis, you are not alone–but we can help. GoodLife U’s innovative schedule and pay strategies are making a difference for… read more

How to find stability in times of crisis with unique workforce solutions


It’s hard to be prepared for a crisis that we never saw coming. We are heartbroken for the service providers across the nation who are experiencing the quick spread of COVID-19 cases within their walls. From what we’ve learned, the pandemic can exhaust all of the extra capacity agencies think they have, from direct support professionals (DSP) to the C-level… read more

GoodLife careers: Innovative job schedules means more pay and more time off


What if we told you GoodLife offers Direct Support Professionals (DSP) more take-home pay, more time off and better schedules? It’s all part of our unique labor strategies to improve workforce stability and lower provider costs.   Better shifts, better pay, more time offOur unique shifts for DSPs accomplishes the goals of more time off, more take-home pay, and more capacity… read more

Beyond turnover: how GoodLife measures workforce stability

Beyond turnover:  how GoodLife measures workforce stability

We’ve talked about the Perfect Storm and you’re probably already aware that the Direct Support Provider (DSP) workforce has been one of the most unstable workforces nationally for over three decades.1 While the national turnover rate for all workforces averages about 3%, annual DSP turnover rates now exceed 50%.2 There is no single answer or solution, but it starts with… read more

How to improve care and lower costs with unique labor strategies

Workforce 101

As a care provider, we know it’s important to ensure that those we serve receive the highest level of care while maximizing our resources. One of the ways that GoodLife helps providers put more margin in their mission is by combining time-tested workforce solutions with advanced technologies to create the next generation of care. By strategically reimagining and retooling traditional… read more

How our tested strategies improve your bottom line


As a community provider who cares for individuals with developmental disabilities (I/DD), you’re all too familiar with the problems we face with flat-lined state and federal reimbursements. The recently published article “Missouri Looking To Fix ‘Disastrous’ Pay System For Developmentally Disabled Care” explains the current situation quite well, and we encourage you to read it. In short, states reimburse providers… read more

More than technology: The best labor strategies for independent living


It’s no secret that our nation is facing a direct support workforce crisis. In 2017, the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID) issued a report to the President outlining this important issue. The intended outcome of this Report was to ensure the Administration is fully aware of and understand the effects of the direct support workforce crisis.  Furthermore,… read more

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