GoodLife careers: Innovative job schedules means more pay and more time off


What if we told you GoodLife offers Direct Support Professionals (DSP) more take-home pay, more time off and better schedules? It’s all part of our unique labor strategies to improve workforce stability and lower provider costs.  

Better shifts, better pay, more time off
Our unique shifts for DSPs accomplishes the goals of more time off, more take-home pay, and more capacity to work, if extra shifts are desired. We know that 46% of DSPs have second jobs, so most of our schedules provide 4 days off for that purpose. Although with the way we have designed our pay, we hope staff will just work their second job with us!  Or use those 4 days off to attend school, be with your family, or just relax! Our scheduling builds in premium pay (equal to the overtime rate) on Saturday and Sunday, which reduces overtime we don’t budget for.  This means we can put that savings back in the pockets of our DSPs. 

GoodLife offers a wide range of opportunities for both seasoned professionals and those who are starting out. The variety of shifts and positions available include: 

  • Front half/back half:  Three 12-hour day or night shifts that typically include one weekend day
  • Monday-Friday: Traditional Monday through Friday shifts, day or evening
  • Weekend: 48-hour live-in shifts or part-time shifts that fit into the rest of your life
  • Professional Roommate: 72-hour live-in shifts working directly with a smaller caseload of 2 residents
  • Live-in Family Teacher or DSP: Direct in-home support for 3-4 residents
  • Superimposed: Serves as a floater across various homes based on day to day needs

Make a match, get a bonus
Whether it’s a personal connection or a heart for those with disabilities or seniors, it takes special compassion and patience to work in the physically and emotionally demanding field of caring for others. That’s why we look to our current employees for referrals–who better to know if someone is a good fit for GoodLife than those who are here every day? To encourage referrals, we have a cash bonus system. If the referral is hired and makes it through our training program, we’ll give you a bonus.  

Apply today, impact tomorrow
Ready to make an impact and join a dedicated team? Head over to our careers page to find opportunities to do work that challenges and rewards you. We offer on-the-job training, benefits, and room for growth. We can’t wait to meet you. 

Find your career at GoodLife.

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