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When you donate to GoodLife, you support an empowering, connected and purposeful community.

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Donors make our mission possible. The costs of care are always rising and your donations help us fill the gap so that we can continue to focus on providing the most fulfilling lives possible for people with disabilities, their family members, seniors, and caregivers.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Tax Credit campaigns. Your support has helped us exceed our GoodLife Tax Credit goal by $32,000! 

With the extension offered by the KS Department of Commerce, you can now take advantage of our Tax Credits in 2022! You’ll need to act fast—the deadline to receive a credit on your 2022 KS taxes is February 15. To learn more, click here.

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Impacting residents:

Your donation allows us to provide caregivers at the exact moment and place of need so all our residents can live their most independent lives.


Impacting loved ones:

Your donation means parents and guardians can rest and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they've provided their loved one with resources, opportunities for growth and self-direction, and a community of people who care about supporting them in their life journey.


Impacting partners:

Your donation helps us partner with and support other care providers in Kansas and other states so that people with disabilities across the nation can benefit from our knowledge and experience.


Impacting caregivers:

Your donation means we can continue to provide good pay, good benefits, and much needed support for the dedicated caregivers who serve our residents. They are the reason we can offer high-quality services and they deserve to be taken care of, too.


Kelly S., parent and advocate

“My husband and I are thrilled for our son. He has always wanted to do what his older siblings and peers have done ... Moving out on his own was the next natural transition. He loves being independent and living in the Neighborhood Network and doesn’t want his parents doing things for him that he can do himself.”

Ways to give

Senior with family

General Fund

Donations to the general fund go towards maintaining the high-quality programming we provide, providing for our services, and helping us cover the cost of additional administrative duties necessary to keep our non-profit running. We understand it's not the most exciting fund to donate to, but your impact is just as valuable!

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Professional Neighbor

Individual Needs Fund

For many of our residents, government assistance cannot provide in full the necessities to live. Donations to the Individual Needs Fund will help GoodLife residents access clothing, dental, vision and limited medical care, medical and home equipment, and personal care items.

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Midnight Farm

Midnight Farm Programs

Midnight Farm is a one-of-a-kind GoodLife program that allows individuals with disabilities to work, learn, and grow in a safe and inclusive environment. You can support programs that teach life, social, and job skills through hands-on activities like animal care, gardening, pottery, printmaking, cooking, musical theater, and more.

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Stephanie Rasmussen, VP of Long-Term Care, Sunflower Health Plan

“GoodLife and its iLink Infrastructure are designed to promote self-direction, independence, productivity and inclusion for those who need help to live independently in their own homes across Kansas. We see promising applications for assisting our members who receive long-term Medicaid/Medicare supports & services to be more independent.”

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Welcome to the GoodLife!

Great news! After 44 years serving individuals with disabilities, CLO has expanded its mission under a new parent company called GoodLife Innovations, Inc. New name, new website, same belief: a purposeful life of choice, dignity, and independence is possible for those with diverse abilities. Come along as we continue to make a meaningful difference.

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