Children's Services

Johnson County Montessori School and North Star Academy reside on the same campus. GoodLife’s North Star Childhood Development Center is located in Overland Park, KS.


Johnson County Montessori School

Johnson County Montessori School was established in 1965 to encourage young children’s natural love for learning and developing problem-solving skills they will use in the classroom and everyday life. Our Montessori-trained and certified teachers provide individualized lessons using proven teaching methods. We offer an integration program for children with special needs. For more information visit


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North Star Academy

North Star Academy (NSA) provides early behavioral intervention for children ages 2.5 to 12 years including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). NSA also offers clinic-based intensive behavioral intervention services funded privately or through insurance plans. NSA offers a unique approach using the evidence-based intervention principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Families have access to on-site speech-language therapy and occupational therapy, on-site behavioral training for parents, siblings and additional caregivers, coordination of care with physicians and other support professionals and opportunities to interact with typically developing peers within the shared campus of Johnson County Montessori School. For more information visit


Child Placement Agency (CPA)

GoodLife’s Child Placement Agency (CPA) services is a shared living program where an individual, couple or family provides services in their home. This arrangement closely replicates a private home experience. Homes are licensed with the State of Kansas for children under the age 16 years and CPA providers are pre-screened, professionally trained, and carefully matched with a child. Placement within CPS is intended to be long-term and is voluntary (parental rights have not been severed). One of the greatest benefits of this program is there is no need for placement change when the child ages out of children’s services, but instead will continue with the same placement under adult services with GoodLife. For more information about the program, contact Director of Intake, Stephanie Thorne at or 913-979-1922.

At this time, GoodLife is not accepting CPA applications for 2020.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted case management (TCM) helps ensure that children are benefiting from the wide variety of services and support available from GoodLife, other community providers and government resources. Targeted case managers work to achieve high-quality outcomes for each child we serve by:

  • Assessing each child’s individual needs
  • Providing transition planning to promote success in new environments
  • Facilitating the person-centered support planning process
  • Pursuing resources, funding, services and support to meet the needs, interests, goals and preferences of the child and his/her family
  • Evaluating the quality of services provided and acting to achieve desired outcomes

Individuals who qualify for Home and Community Based Services for the Mentally Retarded (HCBS/MRDD) receive 60 hours per calendar year of targeted case management services.For more information about Targeted Case Management, contact Jonathan Tran at or 785-218-9363.

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