How to improve care and lower costs with unique labor strategies

Workforce 101

As a care provider, we know it’s important to ensure that those we serve receive the highest level of care while maximizing our resources. One of the ways that GoodLife helps providers put more margin in their mission is by combining time-tested workforce solutions with advanced technologies to create the next generation of care. By strategically reimagining and retooling traditional Direct Support Professional (DSP) approaches, we are able to sustainably grow community services. 

Our staffing innovations help organizations and providers across the country to provide seniors and individuals with disabilities a home in which to thrive as valued, independent members of our communities–all while navigating complex regulations and challenges in funding, workforce recruitment and retention.  

How do we share our out-of-the-box thinking?  We start with a full or half-day Workforce 101 Workshop with GoodLife’s President and CEO, Dr. Mike Strouse. Workforce 101 outlines The Perfect Storm and explains the causes of workforce instability that we all face: High and rising labor costs, low unemployment, a dwindling direct care workforce, increases in both minimum wage and insurance costs, and the decline of funding per person for services despite the growth in need and expense. Then, practical and innovative strategies for combating the perfect storm and addressing workforce instability are offered.  

Right from the start, we help organizations identify low hanging fruit strategies, efforts that can most quickly improve care, lower costs and incrementally shift program design as needed. Organizations take home innovative, time-tested, and replicable strategies for making meaningful differences in payroll, scheduling, vacancy coordination, and benefits that put more margin in an organization’s mission and more take-home pay in employees’ pockets. After the workshop, we love the opportunity to work 1:1 with providers (and often conduct a site visit) so that we can clearly identify the unique impact each organization can gain from implementing GoodLife’s labor solutions.

We know our labor strategies work because they’re in action at GoodLife. Our reimagined workforce solutions have resulted in lower agency-wide turnover, greater pay for DSPs, fewer vacancies (leading to more consistent care), and more. It takes time to move away from traditional service approaches, and we are prepared to help with carefully crafting pivot plans that affordably bring the next generation of care into focus for each community service provider we support. 

Want to learn more about our Workforce Innovations seminars? Contact us so we can get to know you and how we can help. 

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