Disability Doesn’t Define You: Cheyenne’s Incredible Story of Kindness and Strength

woman hugs a cat and smiles

Defined By Kindness

Despite being born with cerebral palsy, Cheyenne tirelessly navigates Midnight Farm with grace and dexterity, readily offering high-fives and introducing each animal by name. She proudly presents Bandit the donkey; Kallie the adorable pony; Pixie the mischievous goat; Batman the protective rooster; and Petunia the lazy, yet amiable pig. The animals on the farm flock toward Cheyenne, captivated by her infectious energy and warm demeanor.

This profound connection between Cheyenne and animals mirrors her innate compassion and kindness, which extend to everyone she encounters. She actively seeks out those in need of help. It’s no wonder people tear up when asked about her, struggling to find adequate superlatives to describe her remarkable qualities.

Helping Others & Finding Strength

Kourie, a longtime farm employee, directed my attention to the beautiful handmade gifts Cheyenne had crafted for him: a delicate bracelet, a butterfly-shaped wind chime, a snow globe with a flamingo, a Christmas tree ornament, and many more treasures. These tokens, he confessed, warmed his heart, as they were not only skillfully made but also imbued with pure love.

April, Cheyenne’s family teacher and confidante of twenty years, revealed that Cheyenne’s childhood was not always kind, presenting her with numerous obstacles to overcome. Yet, she emerged as a strong, intelligent, and independent woman. April shared that Cheyenne’s empathy runs deep. Her ability to appreciate the little things in life, like sunsets, strangers’ smiles, and the fall foliage at Midnight Farm, is a testament to her resilience and the profound lessons she has learned from overcoming challenges.

Cheyenne’s presence at Midnight Farm is a blessing to all who visit. She enthusiastically guides them through the lodge, arena, and animal enclosures, and might even read a captivating horse story, as she did for me. Leaving Midnight Farm, one cannot help but feel transformed and touched. In the years to come, this haven will provide respite from the pressures of daily life for countless individuals, including those like Cheyenne, who embody the true spirit of Midnight Farm.

Why Disability Doesn’t Define You

Cheyenne’s story reminds us that we all have the power to make a difference in the world and that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a profound impact on others. As long as humanity exists, there will always be someone like Cheyenne, thriving at their own Midnight Farm, demonstrating that happiness is often a choice and that disability does not define one’s path. Just as Cheyenne thrives at Midnight Farm, we too can navigate life’s currents, overcoming obstacles and discovering our own unique journeys.

Could someone in your life use a touch of kindness? Cheyenne’s story is a must-read for anyone needing a little hope. Make a difference today and share Cheyenne’s inspiring story with friends, family, or coworkers.

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