GoodLife U Video Blog: Back to the Future

This month we are calling this our Back to the Future episode and for good reason! Every now and then since the 1960’s, the vision for care has been cast and it’s a bit like a broken record. The story is always the same: people with different abilities want what we all want—a good life.  “…people with different abilities want… watch now

Shared Living Model: Changing lives together

Shared Living Model: Changing lives together

Are you looking for a safe, nurturing living environment that provides your loved one with the opportunity to learn and grow? GoodLife’s Shared Living Model does exactly that! In Shared Living (also known as Professional Family Teaching Model), an individual with intellectual or developmental disabilities lives with a carefully selected family in their home. One of the most appealing aspects… read more

How Our Parents and Guardians are Helping Us Improve

How Our Parents and Guardians are Helping Us Improve

There are a lot of reasons why the disability service industry is challenging and while the rewards far outweigh the challenges, we admit to often feeling overwhelmed and perpetually behind. Historically, we have had to chase resources and lean on our ingenuity and innovation, not only to make ends meet, but to deliver the highest quality of care and attention… read more

What does the financial part of services look like?

What does the financial part of services look like?

Are you wondering what the financial part of our residential services looks like? In this post, we explain who pays for what and how cost is determined.

Michelle focuses on family in her shared living journey

Michelle Ray family image

Michelle Ray believes family support can change the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). She and her family have been providing that support since 2006 as part of GoodLife’s shared living program as a Professional Extended Family Provider. Over the years, the family has shared their home with seven (7) individuals.  Michelle began her career with GoodLife… read more

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

While we are weathering the perfect storm we talked about several years ago, sadly, the problems have been more difficult than we could imagine and are predicted to only get worse. If you’re feeling the pain of the nation-wide workforce crisis, you are not alone–but we can help. GoodLife U’s innovative schedule and pay strategies are making a difference for… read more

Gratitude, generosity, and tax credit initiatives make a difference at GoodLife

Hand placing coin into blue piggy bank

Learn how your contribution to GoodLife can support interdependent communities with a COVID-resistant care model and qualify for a Kansas tax credit. Your donation can make twice the impact.

Introducing GoodLife U

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the backbone of the workforce behind community living and service support models for individuals living with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and seniors.  For more than thirty years, the DSP workforce has been one of the most unstable workforces nationwide. Recently, statistics showed that annual turnover rates for DSPs were at 50%, in comparison to… watch now

A Team Leader’s Perspective: Meet Kassie

Team Leader

GoodLife serves adults with disabilities in family-style home settings.  Our direct support staff provides daily teaching, support and companionship, which are vital to each client’s quality of life. Team Leaders manage individual homes to help ensure a safe and meaningful experience for our residents. Today, Kassie Johnston shares what it means to be a team leader and why she values… read more

A Home Coaches’ Perspective: Meet Kris and Brittany

home coach

GoodLife believes a life of dignity and independence is possible, no matter the challenge. We empower our residents with the support, services, and technology needed to thrive within the community. Home Coaches play an important role in our work to redefine what’s possible for people with disabilities. Today we are joined by Kris McFadden and Brittany Rupert, Home Coaches who… read more

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