GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

GoodLife U: Initial Impact Report

While we are weathering the perfect storm we talked about several years ago, sadly, the problems have been more difficult than we could imagine and are predicted to only get worse. If you’re feeling the pain of the nation-wide workforce crisis, you are not alone–but we can help.

GoodLife U’s innovative schedule and pay strategies are making a difference for providers across the nation, and we want to show you how.

Let’s start with a quick exercise. First, pull a list of all of your organization’s open positions and sincerely ask yourself if they are hireable, appealing, and attractive–especially when posted at entry-level wages. Next, consider your approaches to replacing staff: do you use part-time, split shifts, pools, or partials to fill the gaps? Are you happy with your replacement staff system or is it costing your agency a lot of money, time, and headaches? Lastly, ask yourself what the potential impact of attractive schedules, higher wages, and existing DSP capacity would do for your pipeline and replacement strategies–could these things help? The answer is probably: Absolutely.

In next week’s GoodLife U Video Blog episode, Mike is going to walk you through how to conduct a self assessment of your internal processes for hiring, scheduling, replacing and paying staff, and more. Taking an honest look at these things can be hard, but it’s a critical first step. Our team is proud to be a little nerdy about this stuff; it’s definitely in our sweet spot and we’ve been innovating out of necessity as a provider in Kansas for many years.

The result? Our strategies are proven to help. Take a look at some of this impact data:

We get it: change is hard and if you feel like you’re drowning, it might be hard to imagine taking even a step in a different direction. But we promise that immediate relief is often easier to access than you might think. 

GoodLife U can help you add margin to your mission and while our class for 2021 is full, we are welcoming open enrollment for 2022 and would love to partner with you. Email Megan to learn more and schedule your FREE Workforce 101 seminar. 

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