Donna’s big personality lights up her home within GoodLife’s residential program

residential program

We believe that every GoodLife resident is unique, and their care plan should be tailored to their specific needs. GoodLife’s residential programs offer a variety of living arrangements developed around the individual’s level of need. Each resident benefits from a Quality of Life Plan and a personalized schedule filled with their preferred activities. GoodLife professionals, including nurses, behavior specialists, therapists, and other clinicians, provide care and support as needed. GoodLife’s service models combined with iLink technologies create safe, comfortable, and long-term home environments that naturally foster true community integration, consistent individualized support, and opportunities for learning and developing new skills.

We visited with GoodLife resident, Donna Wear, about what life is like in her home. Donna has some speech challenges related to cerebral palsy. Lexus, a direct support professional (DSP) who supports her home,  joined the conversation to help us learn more about Donna. 

Donna, what are some of your favorite ways to spend the day? 
(Donna) Walmart and QuikTrip. She takes me. (points to Lexus with a grin
(Lexus) She loves going out in the community and on shopping trips. The DSPs take her – we make it a whole outing. Donna also likes country music concerts. One of her favorite tshirts is from a Dwight Yoakam concert she and one of her DSPs attended together. 

Live music is the best! What else makes you you?
(Donna) Sesame Street. 
(Lexus) Oh yes. Cookie Monster is her guy – he’s all over her room. He’s even hanging out on her wheelchair! (shows us a stuffed Cookie Monster). 
(Donna) And my leggings!
(Lexus) Donna has more pairs of leggings than we can count. Right now, she’s wearing her Oscar the Grouch leggings. She has pairs for each holiday, various animals, and other designs. They definitely reflect her personality and are a staple of her wardrobe.

Sounds like you’re the life of the party, Donna! What’s it like living in your home? 
(Donna) I like the staff. They help me. And I like going outside in the yard. 
(Lexus) We spend a lot of time outside. Donna has five roommates. They listen to music, we talk and tell stories, and just enjoy the outdoors and sunshine together! Since moving  to this home, Donna is able to socialize more with the other residents and her personality has really opened up. She loves the companionship and being part of the family here.

What kinds of things does the staff help you with each day? 
(Donna) Get ready. 
(Lexus) Yes, we help her get dressed for the day, brush her hair, and put on her perfume so she’s smelling good! (Donna smiles) We take her out in the community, and help her make purchases or enjoy an activity. We make sure she’s taking her medications and staying safe and healthy. 

Donna, we heard you love your job at Farmers Insurance. Tell us about that. 
(Donna) I love it! (ear-to-ear smile)
(Lexus) Donna has worked at Farmers every Thursday for the past two years. She really enjoys her coworkers and job responsibilities. Donna, how do you help out at Farmers? 
(Donna) Shredding paper! (another big smile)

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If you are interested in learning more about our programs and the application process for services at GoodLife, please fill out the contact form on the website.  We look forward to connecting with you.

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