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It brings us incredible joy to see our vision and mission being lived out. As we continue to reimagine independence for seniors and those with disabilities through empowering, connected, and purposeful community living, hearing stories of happiness and fulfillment from our residents is the only way we truly know we’re on to something great. Today we visit with Victor (and his home coach Kris) to hear all the ways he’s living the GoodLife. 

Good morning, Victor and Kris! Victor, will you introduce yourself to our readers? 
Good morning! My name is Victor, I am 38 years old, and I was born in Madras, India. My mom adopted me and brought me home to our little house in Kansas City, Mo.,  when I was four. A couple of years later, my mom and I adopted my sister, Kari. 

That’s a very special story. Do you have any other special stories? 
Yes, I do. I went to Shawnee Mission East High School in Kansas. I managed the baseball team my junior and senior years. My senior year, I carried the Special Olympics torch! Today, I am very passionate about self-advocacy, and stay involved with Johnson County Developmental Supports (JCDS). I attend the SACK (Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas) Conference every year, and speak to state representatives about funding and rights for people with disabilities. I also attend Interhab’s annual Push Day Rally, where we show support for those with disabilities outside of the Statehouse in Topeka as the legislature decides the budget. And Kris and I are on the GoodLife Diversity and Inclusion committee.

Wow, we are visiting with a celebrity! 

(Kris) Victor is a very passionate advocate. We’ve been lucky enough to have him as a resident for the past two years. 

(Victor) Yes, I’ve been living at GoodLife for two years. I have three roommates and 24-hour care. Community living is much better for me than living alone like I was before. We go on outings and eat dinner together. 

(Kris) What he really means is he loves the full-time attention we give him, right?

(Victor, laughing) Yea, I like full-time friends!

Victor, what do you like to do for fun? 
(Victor) I listen to my music, I love hiphop and rap. 

(Kris) He’s a great dancer. Don’t let him fool you!

(Victor) Shhhh! I also watch football. I’m a Patriots fan, and a Tom Brady fan. 

(Kris) One of his roommates is also a Patriots fan, so he has someone to team up with since we live in Chiefs territory! Victor, you’re forgetting your very favorite two things (whispers in his ear). 

(Victor) Money! And Amazon shopping! I earn money working in the workshop at JCDS, and I spend it at Amazon and at restaurants. 

Victor, what do you like best about living at GoodLife? 
(Victor) They cook food for me! Sometimes I help bake. 

(Kris) Victor has come a long way since being with us. At first, he was very apprehensive to participate in activities. Now, he is always helping out and getting involved. This Christmas, he made me and my daughter an ornament to hang on our tree. And earlier this year, he made two blankets to celebrate our senior population. Sometimes I have to be sneaky in how I ask him to help, but he’s always willing!

Kris, it seems like you two have a close and playful relationship. What do I need to know about Victor that we haven’t learned yet? 
Victor loves a good joke, but he needs to know you well before feeling comfortable enough to be funny. He has grown tremendously since being at GoodLife, and has really allowed those that care for him to become his extended family. He is a joy to hang out with, and my daughter has gotten to know him like a brother. Victor is high functioning, and so he advocates for his roommates regularly. If one of his friends needs something, Victor will make sure it’s communicated. He’s a natural caregiver and very helpful to staff. 

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