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Your loved one needs everyday assistance yet wants independence. Since you can’t always be by their side, you want peace of mind knowing they are in capable and compassionate hands. Like you, we want your loved ones with disabilities to live in an inclusive and supportive community. We’re excited to share GoodLife with you.

Supporting people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

GoodLife Innovations is the parent company of Community Living Opportunities, Inc. (CLO), which has deep roots serving those with disabilities. CLO’s mission has always been to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and adults with special needs. Since 1977, CLO has helped individuals with developmental disabilities achieve personally satisfying, fulfilling lifestyles in the community.

We provide a full spectrum of community-based supports across the lifespan of need for more than 500 individuals in the state of Kansas. Services include day, residential, behavioral and health, therapeutic, life planning, and educational support.  The goal of GoodLife’s services is to empower people to live as independently as possible regardless of their level of needed support.

GoodLife Support Services

In addition to day and residential services, GoodLife provides a variety of additional support services.

On-site Health and Wellness Services
GoodLife monitors and addresses the regularly occurring health-care needs of the individuals we serve residentially through on-site and remote wellness clinics. Nursing staff,  in-clinic nurse practitioners, physicians, and other health-care consultants conduct wellness assessments and provide care with a focus on closely monitoring individuals health needs. The clinics provide a familiar, comfortable setting for exams and various health-care procedures.

GoodLife provides on-site occupational and physical therapy to individuals we serve residentially. We work closely with occupational and physical therapy consultants to evaluate, write formal programs and make recommendations for appropriate equipment, home adaptations, and suggested activities to benefit and enrich the lives of those we serve.

Comprehensive Behavioral Services
The goal of GoodLife’s behavior specialists is to ensure behavior challenges are addressed respectfully and effectively, and the optimal learning conditions exist for everyone served residentially. Our behavior specialists use a variety of methods and strategies to ensure that every person has a schedule, meaningful choices, effective communication options, a safe and stimulating environment, preferred engagement opportunities, positive relationships, community access, and a healthy lifestyle.  Their methods include the Quality of Life Planning process, applied behavior analysis, and positive behavior support.

Behavior specialists help family teachers and other staff members identify and teach appropriate replacement skills as alternatives to problem behaviors.

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Midnight Farm
Midnight Farm offers a variety of experiences in a beautiful, rural setting located in Douglas County, KS. Individuals can participate in animal engagement and care activities as well as the opportunity to cultivate their green thumbs and creative side with a variety of agricultural activities in the gardens and greenhouse, and a myriad of creative art spaces promising hands-on experiences with pottery, ceramics, textiles, printmaking, mosaics, sculpture making, and more! 

The farm is an example of many of the best parts of GoodLife with three Professional Family Teaching Model homes, day service programming, and monthly events and activities, which are inclusive to everyone at GoodLife. The farm also offers summer camp for young adults age 16+ and field trips for local schools!

Learn more about Midnight Farm

TEAM Work Employment
TEAM Work is a new employment program for residents of GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network. Here’s how it works: We offer jobs throughout GoodLife for 10-15 hours/week at minimum wage. Positions such as teacher’s assistant, clerical support, farmhand, greenhouse attendant, and various jobs at KC Pop Co., a local gourmet ice pop company. A trained professional works alongside the TEAM Work employee to teach, train and help with the tasks at hand in this internship job program. TEAM Work offers relevant coaching, training and support to ensure long term success on the job for individuals with diverse abilities.


Targeted Case Management
GoodLife offers Targeted Case Management (TCM) across multiple counties in Kansas. Case managers provide leadership, advocacy, and expertise to ensure the individuals they serve connect with and benefit from needed services and supports. Case managers help individuals and their families or guardians obtain funding, services and community resources that enhance the individual’s preferred lifestyle; evaluate the quality of services the individual receives and provide feedback and follow-up to achieve desired outcomes; facilitate GoodLife’s person centered planning process, called the Quality of Life Plan, and participate in the Individual Education Plan for those individuals in school and work in collaboration with school representatives, TCM’s participate in the transition planning process for life after school.

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In order to initiate TCM services, please take the following steps:
1. Contact your local CDDO to review the list of TCM agencies, including GoodLife, who are accepting new referrals.
2. Choose a TCM agency by informing the CDDO of your selection and completing and signing a Choice Form.
3. If you choose GoodLife, a CDDO representative will contact us, inform us of your choice, and provide us the with required documentation.
4. The GoodLife TCM assigned to your county will then contact you to begin services.

For more information about Targeted Case Management and Service Coordination, contact Whitney Lamb at or 913-221-3091.


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Welcome to the GoodLife!

Great news! After 44 years serving individuals with disabilities, CLO has expanded its mission under a new parent company called GoodLife Innovations, Inc. New name, new website, same belief: a purposeful life of choice, dignity, and independence is possible for those with diverse abilities. Come along as we continue to make a meaningful difference.

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