DSP Scheduling: How GoodLife Is Changing The Game

DSP Scheduling: How GoodLife Is Changing The Game

Our friends at SETWorks recently conducted an interview with GoodLife CEO, Dr. Mike Strouse, on the intricacies and strategy of DSP scheduling at GoodLife. We’re proud to share their Q&A with you but first, a brief introduction.

In the disability services industry, it’s not uncommon for agencies to experience high turnover, unfilled shifts, and call-offs. In fact, it happens often. Agencies across the nation are feeling the pain of the workforce crisis that has persisted through the COVID-19 pandemic and has, if anything, gotten worse. We know that higher wages alone are not enough to heal our fractured workforce. Support Professionals are looking for good schedules and work-life balance, in addition to great pay.

GoodLife University was created to address these workforce challenges and help providers across the nation embrace new approaches to scheduling, pay, staffing, and more. Our strategies can improve the capacity of your workforce in addition to empowering you to imagine redesigning your services for the future. If you’re feeling the pain of the workforce crisis, you are not alone–GoodLife U can help. Dr. Strouse will talk about just one of the tools in our toolbox that we use to address scheduling issues.

Click here to read the discussion between Dr. Strouse and the talented team at SETWorks on how GoodLife’s scheduling strategies address common workforce challenges.

We understand how difficult and overwhelming it can feel to embrace change (even positive change!) when you’re stuck in a scheduling rut with a fractured workforce. We’d love to help you and your team out of the rut in a strategic and methodical way that brings you the workforce stability you crave.

If you want to explore utilizing GoodLife U’s scheduling solutions or have additional questions, please reach out to us. To read more great information from the SETWorks blog, click here. Thank you, SETWorks!

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