How Our Parents and Guardians are Helping Us Improve

How Our Parents and Guardians are Helping Us Improve

There are a lot of reasons why the disability service industry is challenging and while the rewards far outweigh the challenges, we admit to often feeling overwhelmed and perpetually behind. Historically, we have had to chase resources and lean on our ingenuity and innovation, not only to make ends meet, but to deliver the highest quality of care and attention for the individuals at the center of our mission.

Some of GoodLife’s greatest advocates are the loving parents and guardians of the individuals we have the honor to serve, but we realized recently that we could do a better job of listening and discussing ideas for how to improve GoodLife with them. It’s true that as we pursue our own self-improvement we may lean on our loved ones to offer unique insights, creative solutions, and thoughtful strategies as we grow. The same goes for GoodLife’s growth, and in order to better honor our mission, we hope to incorporate purposeful and deliberate strategies for proactive parent/guardian engagement.

On May 6th, we hosted our first Parent and Guardian Engagement Committee Luncheon in order to discover, from the committee’s perspective, what is working right now and also listen for what we can do better. The primary goal for bringing this committee together was to create a culture of engagement and collaboration. This means creating systematic, long lasting, 2-way communication strategies, both in sharing information with our residents and their parents and guardians, but also in receiving the insights, feedback, and ideas these advocates bring. We’ve seen it time and again: those who work together can accomplish more, and building a community to surround those we serve is right in line with our mission, which really excites us.  

The meeting was so encouraging! More than 10 of our residents were represented by a loved one at the luncheon. So many positive ideas were generated and we can’t wait to share more about this as our plans turn into action. Here is a list of the GoodLife staff that are invested in assisting the Committee:

  • Jenni Bryan, Director of Development (Committee Chairperson)
  • Connie Keeling, Senior Administrator of Life Enhancement
  • Traci Bruney, Director of Compliance and Program Relations
  • Nichole Reiske, Director of Admissions 
  • Jon Tran, Service Enhancement Specialist
  • Mindy Mihalchik, Executive Administrator

We started by inviting some of our more active and engaged parents, but would like to welcome any parents and/or guardians of GoodLife’s men and women who are excited about being a part of a team driven by positive, continuous improvement. 

If you’re interested in joining the Parent and Guardian Engagement Committee, please contact Jenni Bryan and stay tuned for more info to follow soon about the Committee’s initiatives and activities.

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