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Our Education Series inspires attendees to rethink their care models, foster inclusivity, and champion the rights of those with barriers to independence.

Who is this series for?

Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) | State Associations | Provider Coalitions | Home & Community Based Service Providers | Leadership Teams | Legislators & Policy Makers

Here's where to start:

Your path to addressing organizational instability begins with our two most essential and momentous presentations:


Workforce 101

Solutions to Stabilize Your Workforce

In this presentation, you will learn about innovative strategies and schedules that powerfully and positively impact Direct Support Staff wages, their capacity to work extra, the stability of your overall workforce, improved consistency of care, reduced care costs, and more.

Resident using iLink technology for help.

iLink 101

Technology to Revolutionize Your Care

In this presentation, you will learn about the boundless potential of iLink's remote support technologies to provide a more affordable, inclusive, compassionate future for care providers and individuals with barriers to independence.

Mike's Capitol Presentation2

Actionable Insights & Research-Backed Solutions

Our solutions deliver tangible results including:
• Boosting caregiver wages by up to $3.00 per hour within existing budgets
• Slashing unexpected overtime costs
• Reducing reliance on part-time staff
• Guiding providers through seamless change management
• Advocating for cutting-edge care models

GoodLife U – Education Series 2024

Interested in the full series? Here’s a sneak peek of what we have to offer.

Each presentation is roughly 45-90 minutes long and can stand alone as a breakout or keynote, could be bundled for a half or full day pre-conference offering, or packaged together as a full, 2-day mini-conference.

Session Description: Meaningful performance metrics will contribute to a culture of evidence-based continuous improvement. Use these tools to look both ahead and behind to experience real progress.

Actionable Insights: 

  • How to develop your own agency dashboard (components, data sources, ideal KPIs, etc.) and experience GoodLife’s data in real time.
  • Understand the way a data-driven system has been refined to deliver better outcomes.
  • Demonstrate how to use data in ongoing practices to make data-based decisions that inform your agency’s practices.

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse & Ky Kanaman

Session Description: Explore GoodLife’s low-hanging fruit strategies to redefine what’s possible for improving DSP stability and agency capacity.

Actionable Insights:

  • Identify and describe the causes of agency-inflicted workforce instability.
  • Use existing resources to increase DSP pay more than $2.00 an hour, lower OT, improve schedules, increase time off, and lower vacancies.
  • Reduce reliance on part-time positions to increase consistency and improve the capacity of DSPs to work extra

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse & Megan McKinney Todd

Session Description: Functional solutions to improve your flow of new DSP talent, manage vacancies, and have a pool of replacement staff you can count on. *Note – Workforce 101 is a prerequisite for this course

Actionable Insights:

  • Understand DSP instability factors, including traditional scheduling challenges and workforce dynamics like remote work preferences.
  • Learn practical strategies like GoodLife’s Superimposed DSP model to enhance stability and capacity.
  • Learn to implement effective workforce management tactics such as creating replacement pools and leveraging technology for efficient scheduling.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the key principles and metrics of Workforce Management

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse & Megan McKinney Todd

Session Description: We invite you to envision a future where advanced technology promotes independence, respects rights, and transforms lives. Embrace the possibilities of a care system that empowers individuals and strengthens communities. It’s time to revolutionize traditional approaches and embrace the boundless potential of remote technologies for a more inclusive, compassionate future.

Actionable Insights:

  • Grasp essential principles like privacy, safety, self-direction, independence, and community inclusion for respectful care.
  • Address legal and ethical consent considerations while balancing privacy rights with supportive care needs.
  • Explore tailored technology solutions for least restrictive care, integrating them effectively into practice.

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse & Kourie Kanaman

Session Description: In order for technology to be effective, it must be carefully integrated into human service approaches (rather than merely bolted on top of traditional models) and fully grounded in human relationships focused on cultivating greater independence. This paradigm shift requires providers to embrace change as we manage this innovation and evolution—here’s how. *Note – Workforce 101 is a prerequisite for this course

Actionable Insights:

  • Assess the value of tech-leveraged service-models and describe its benefits;
  • Identify technologies that can see, hear, feel, and act to solve common barriers of independence, while ensuring accountable care.
  • Recognize the importance of keeping human care and self-direction at the core of next-generation services approaches where iCoaches remotely monitor, coach, virtually support, and deploy and supervise in-home help.
  • Consider the advantages of technologies that have been infused also into professional supports (including case Management, behavioral services, and health care), quality assurance, in-home training, and staff support to create the next generation of care.
  • Evaluate how self-direction, privacy, deep relationships, and independence are effectively balanced by technologies to offer the least restrictive care. 
  • Understand how client need-assessments, program design, and pivot plans are necessary to ensure that technology is appropriately used to deliver services.

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse

Session Description: Join GoodLife’s executive team to explore innovative strategies for diversifying revenue streams in non-profits, essential for navigating rising costs and stagnant reimbursements. Through real-life examples and interactive discussions, attendees will gain actionable steps and a clear roadmap to enhance fundraising efforts and fortify their organizations.

Actionable Insights:

  • Gain actionable steps and leave equipped with practical strategies to approach fundraising in a new way. Navigate the challenges of revenue diversification effectively.
  • Gain a clear roadmap for revenue diversification. Learn how aligning strategic planning, grants, donors, partnerships, and entrepreneurial opportunities can enhance revenue diversification efforts and fortify non-profit organizations.

Presenters: Megan McKinney Todd

Session Description: GoodLife’s brand of shared living has been–and remains–the penultimate program for our persons served and their families, delivering the highest quality care with the most stability and consistency possible. It’s a final-rule facing solution that’s a true win-win-win.

Actionable Insights:

  • Understand the critical features and benefits of GoodLife’s Shared Living model for individuals with diverse support needs.
  • Learn about the role of Shared Living in promoting workforce stability and career advancement opportunities for DSPs.
  • Explore implementation strategies and success factors for establishing effective Shared Living arrangements, along with insights into future directions for next-generation care delivery.

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse & Dr. Connie Keeling

Session Description: Better, more stable, and less costly care than traditional shift-based DSP roles, explore how Lifestyle DSP models work and how they can be used to reduce the number of different people involved in care. ** more info coming soon! **

Presenters: Dr. Mike Strouse

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Back to the Future:

A Content Preview

In this conversation, Dr. Mike Strouse discusses his vision for the future of care which involves helping individuals with disabilities, aging adults, and others maintain their independence.

GoodLife’s stance is clear: individuals with disabilities and aging adults should not have to trade their independence for care support when innovative, technology-enabled service models can deliver affordable, high-quality care support 24/7, on-demand.

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