Impact Report:
The Professional Family Teaching Model (PFTM)

GoodLife’s Professional Family Teaching Model (PFTM) homes are a supported living arrangement where an individual, couple or family shares their home with a person with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD).

PFTM arrangements closely replicate a private home experience to maximize the individual’s independence and quality of life. Providers are pre-screened, professionally trained and carefully matched with an individual. Often, these arrangements flow from a previous relationship the provider has with an individual with needs. PFTM homes provide a safe, comfortable and long-term home environment that naturally fosters true community integration, consistent support and opportunities for new learning skills.

PFTM sustainability by the numbers:

100% of the families from 2016-2019 were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of services GoodLife provides

Average OTHER program turnover: 85.4%
Average PFTM program turnover: 7.0%

In 2017:

Average length of placement in the PFTM program: 5 years
Longest standing PFTM placement: 15 years

iLink and PFTM

In the PFTM model, iLink support is embedded and exclusively self-directed, allowing each home to engage with remote support from GoodLife’s Applied Technology Center, including service coordination, behavioral support, health/mental health professionals and immediate access to training and other supports remotely. iLink also provides the peace of mind of remote night monitoring services, which is a primary catalyst for individuals losing independence.

iLink also provides an opportunity for quality assurance, metrics/performance management and oversight through the implementation of virtual home visits by case managers. This element is critical across Kansas (and nationally), where traditional in-home visits promote a lack of supervision, excessive windshield time, increased expenses, and behavior modifications that are counterproductive to providing support.

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