Where did GoodLife U show up this month?

Where did GoodLife U show up this month?

Conference Season is in FULL SWING! As usual, our GoodLife U team is hitting the road to share about our Workforce Strategies, Technology-enabled Service Models, and growth in Behavioral Services. Here’s where we went this month!

NASDDS Conference, Washington, D.C.

The 2024 NASDDDS Conference in Washington D.C. focused on advancing strategies and policies to enhance support for individuals with developmental disabilities across the United States. Key topics included innovations in care delivery, advocacy for disability rights, and collaborative efforts to promote inclusion and accessibility in communities nationwide.

OPEN Minds Strategy Conference, New Orleans, LA

The 2024 OPEN MINDS Strategy Conference in New Orleans centered around exploring transformative strategies and best practices in the behavioral health and human services sectors. Attendees engaged in discussions on integrated care models, innovation in service delivery, and advancements in technology to improve outcomes for individuals with complex needs.

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