KC Pop Co: GoodLife’s newest work program

work program

GoodLife believes a satisfying and purposeful life is one where learning opportunities are created for residents to contribute talents and energy to help neighbors, build independence, and gain valuable skills.  GoodLife’s uniquely-created work programs, TEAM Work and RISE, allow individuals with I/DD within the Neighborhood Network to work, learn and grow in a safe, inclusive and familiar environment. 

The newest addition to TEAM Work is a  work program with KC Pop Co, a gourmet ice pop company based in Kansas City. Their mobile ice pop cart and food truck travel around the Kansas City community selling fresh ice pops made from locally sourced ingredients at events, private parties and community spaces. 

KC Pop Co cofounder Ky Kanaman and his wife reside at GoodLife’s Midnight Farms as Professional Family Teachers and live with two individuals with I/DD. As Ky and his business partner began to develop KC Pop Co, Ky had a vision to someday bring both companies together to create meaningful outcomes.  

“The most important thing anyone can have in life is purpose. From living and working alongside GoodLife residents, I’ve learned that creating meaningful job opportunities is at the top of the priority list for independent living,” said Ky. 

KC Pop Co job opportunities are for GoodLife residents and include sourcing and shopping for fresh, local ingredients, kitchen teams for cutting fruit, making pops and creating new recipes, helping with inventory logs and administrative work in the office and physically serving the pops, working events and interacting with the community. “Residents from GoodLife’s Neighborhood Network that work for us can take ownership of their work from start to finish,” shares Ky. “We believe in GoodLife’s mission to reimagine independent living, and are excited at the opportunity to contribute to that.”

“When we started KC Pop Co, we wanted to develop something that was going to provide the community more than a gourmet ice pop,” said co-founder Ky Kanaman. We want to leave communities better than we found them, and working  with GoodLife is the best way we know how to do that.” 

Want to know more?  Contact us to learn more about our RISE and TEAM Work programs. 

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