GoodLife Announces Org Changes

GoodLife Announces Org Changes

This month, GoodLife announced some exciting changes to its leadership team. 

For nearly 40 years, GoodLife has been an innovative leader within the disability industry and as the national workforce and government regulations shift we are focusing our sights on the future. GoodLife will continue to pioneer the next generation of strategies and services that provide the highest quality outcomes for clients and our DSPs who support them. 

Yolanda Hargett is one of the pioneers that has gotten us to where we are and we are excited to announce that Yolanda Hargett has accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer. Yolanda has served in many roles in her nearly 37-year career at GoodLife and is well equipped to help train, mentor, and design systems that will be under her leadership. 

Another exciting announcement is that we have added a Chief Clinical Officer position. GoodLife has a long history of providing rich clinical services, thanks in large part to our deep collaboration with the University of Kansas. As we look to the future of how services are delivered, we are focused on designing strategies that help people with significant needs to live fully-integrated in the community. Please help me in congratulating Nicole Kanaman, GoodLife’s Chief Clinical Officer.

Our Behavioral Services Department which will be led by our Assistant Director of Behavioral Services, Lisa Popelka. Congrats on the promotion, Lisa!!

Lastly, we are working with multiple groups on a national roll out of our Neighborhood Network model. Yolanda has had an enormous impact on the development of this program and as she transitions into her new role she is handing the reins over to our Executive Director of Kansas Services, Lauren Vohland and a group of other very talented leaders who will drive this program in Kansas and other regions. 

Congratulations, Yolanda, Lauren, Nicole, and Lisa!!

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