Hot Off the Press: Beat the Heat Summer Bash Update!

Hot Off the Press: Beat the Heat Summer Bash Update!

Hey there, cool cats and sizzlin’ souls of Midnight Farm!

Guess what? The irony has hit us harder than a heatwave on a scorching summer day – our Beat the Heat Summer Bash is taking a rain check! Or rather, a heatwave check! 🌡️

We were all geared up to dive into water games, conquer the foam pit, and glide down the water slide like champs. But Mother Nature decided to crank up the thermostat to levels even our sunscreen can’t handle. So, with a heavy heart and a well-lubricated water gun, we’re here to let you know that we’re canceling the event for now.

But hold onto those swimsuits and shades! We’re not giving up on the splash-tastic shenanigans just yet. We’re brewing up some plans and concocting a reschedule date that’ll make even the sun jealous. So keep those summer vibes alive because we’ll be back – bigger, wetter, and cooler than ever.

In the meantime, stay hydrated, seek shade, and practice your cannonballs in the kiddie pool. We promise, the wait will be worth it!

Stay cool, stay patient, and stay tuned for the triumphant return of the Beat the Heat Summer Bash. Water you waiting for? It’s gonna be epic!

Splish, splash, see you soon!


The Midnight Farm Team 🌊🎉

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