Michelle focuses on family in her shared living journey

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Michelle Ray believes family support can change the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). She and her family have been providing that support since 2006 as part of GoodLife’s shared living program as a Professional Extended Family Provider. Over the years, the family has shared their home with seven (7) individuals.  Michelle began her career with GoodLife… read more

A parent’s perspective: Meet Allison Frizell

midnight farm

When Allison and Trip Frizell’s son Tom was diagnosed with Autism in the early 1980’s at age three, they quickly learned that services and support for children with special needs was hard to find near their home in Kansas City.   “We heard about a group of parents working together with the University of Kansas on an intensive applied behavioral analysis… read more

Living the Good Life together: Professional Family Teaching Model

Living the Good Life together: Professional Family Teaching Model

GoodLife values individuality. That’s why our residential services offer a variety of living arrangements developed around a person’s level of need to create safe, comfortable, and long-term home environments. Whitney Lamb, director of GoodLife’s Professional Family Teaching Model shares more about why our shared living model is one of our most successful—and meaningful—programs. It is a service model that naturally… read more

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