The Quest for the GoodLife | Bonus Episode

In 2020 we took viewers on our Quest for the GoodLife with Dr. Mike Strouse and covered a lot of ground. We discussed the history of care and why, now more than ever, we need a new paradigm of care (Episode 1); we shared with you how the seed for the Neighborhood Network was planted, and what we’ve done for the last 20 years to prepare for this moment (Episode 2); we walked you through the building blocks of our model, where care becomes an an affordable amenity within each neighborhood (Episode 3); we introduced you to iLink (Episode 4) and took an in-depth look at iLink Home (Episode 5), the Applied Technology Center and iLink Assist (Episode 6), and iLink’s Infrastructure and Enterprise solutions (Episode 7); and lastly, we answered your questions about privacy (Episode 8).  

Now we want to show you how it all works together. As soon as it’s safe, you have a standing invitation to come and visit us in person. Until then, here is a Bonus Episode of the Quest for the GoodLife where Mike and members of our team take you on a virtual tour of the Neighborhood Network with iLink and our Applied Technology Center, where technology-leveraged services models are redefining what’s possible.

History is on our side

GoodLife has served as an industry leader and spent more than 40 years of developing highly innovative, award-winning service models for individuals with I/DD in conjunction with our partners at KU’s Department of Applied Behavioral Science. In 2016, we expanded our mission to include serving seniors.

We are comfortable and familiar with working virtually since when we launched iLink Remote Support Technologies and began integrating technology into our service models in 2000. Now, due to COVID, our work is more important than ever.

It’s Time for Next Generation Services

Remember, we don’t believe that traditional services offer a sustainable answer–needs ebb and flow throughout the day and night, but staffing just-in-case is expensive, intrusive, and  doesn’t empower independence. 

There is no doubt that the next generation of care will be services leveraged and enriched by technologies–and this is our sweet spot. We know providers need a better way to deliver support on-demand so people can live happier, healthier, more independent, and more inclusive lives in their own homes.

The Neighborhood Network with iLink offers technology infrastructure along with a well-designed service approach that actually expands human services. GoodLife does this by weaving support organically, so that help becomes an amenity of the neighborhood. iLink Assist allows us to filter out unnecessary intrusions, focus on emerging needs, and deliver life-coaching, in-home help, or automated help when needed. This cultivates greater self-determination, choice, & individualized support (along with improved safety 24/7), all while managing costs.

Unique Approaches, Powerful Outcomes

In light of the pandemic, where isolation and loneliness are real repercussions of prioritizing safety, individuals served (and their caregivers) need to be able to access real-time support at the moment of need. Because of our award-winning approach, GoodLife is able to affordably move vulnerable clients out of congregate care and group homes into small homes in the community with individualized, on-demand care.

What sets GoodLife apart is that we don’t believe providers can  improve services simply by bolting any technology on top of traditional service approaches. Our models have been designed to make the most of what the latest technology has to offer, and we are excited to show you how the Neighborhood Network with iLink improves the lives of residents and caregivers each day.

Want to explore how our technologies and service approaches might benefit your organization? Please contact Megan Todd to set up a personalized meet and greet with our team–we would love to partner with you. 

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