The Quest for the GoodLife: Episode 5

Last time we were thrilled to share more about iLink –its history, focus, and design are integral to understanding how iLink stands apart from other types of assistive technology on the market. By integrating iLink within a service model (like the award-winning Neighborhood Network), providers across the country can increase safety and improve the independence of those served, increase opportunities for client choice and self-direction, reduce overall risks, and bridge the gap in funding deficits. iLink also provides on-demand access to supervisors and virtual support for DSPs, expanding their capacity at this critical time.  

If you remember, iLink is really a combination of 3 components:

  1. iLink Home – our super smart in-home installation.
  2. GoodLife’s Remote Support Infrastructure – the background framework of direct and remote support that delivers professional services across the agency, in the neighborhoods, and directly to each home.
  3. iLink Assist – the software developed right here at GoodLife that works hard behind the scenes to monitor and analyze all of the iLink Home sensors and technologies, and notifies remote staff when their attention is needed.

While iLink has been used in an applied setting at GoodLife for more than 20 years, it is constantly evolving, improving, and undergoing evaluations so that we can provide our residents cutting edge solutions. In this episode of The Quest for the GoodLife with Dr. Mike Strouse, we take a deeper dive into the first iLink component: iLink Home. 

iLink Home is comprehensive, scalable, completely wireless, and well designed so that the system can be installed in only a few hours. Our in-home installation is customizable to meet each person’s individual needs; support can be turned on/off and self-directed by residents when appropriate. iLink’s help buttons, virtual knocking, and health and safety sensor alerts are controlled by customer-defined protocols to improve privacy and weed out unwanted intrusions.

We are excited to take you on a tour of an iLink Home and here, Mike explains how each room is infused with accessible and easy-to-use technology that puts the right help in the right place at the right time. We realize that needs ebb and flow throughout the day and even over the course of a client’s life. That’s why iLink’s Kitchen Support, Bedroom Support, and Bathroom Support are all designed to relieve pressure points, empower self-direction, improve privacy, and enable clients to live, age, and thrive at home.

iLink is driven to keep humanity at the center of care. Next time we will talk about iLink Assist and how GoodLife’s enterprise solutions and remote support infrastructure can expand critical capacity while redefining the care paradigm for a post-COVID world. We would love to partner with you to redefine what’s possible; to learn more about iLink, visit our website or contact Megan Todd to set up a personalized iLink demonstration.

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