The Quest for the GoodLife: Episode 6

Now that you are getting to know iLink, we hope it’s becoming clear that we not only provide powerful and person-centered smart-home support with iLink Home, but iLink has also been designed for scale: to support neighborhoods with an integral agency infrastructure, delivering a range of remote, direct, and professional care for our residents and DSPs at the moment of need. 

In this episode of the Quest for the GoodLife with Dr. Mike Strouse, we are taking you on a tour of GoodLife’s remote support infrastructure at the Applied Technology Center and walking you through the design and function of our innovative iLink Assist software. 

As we have discussed before, our approach is distinctly different. We aren’t looking to bolt technologies onto existing service models. Instead, we want to actively challenge the way we deliver services to make the most of what cutting edge technology has to offer. That means reimagining traditional approaches, looking for ways to innovate and improve. Many of these efforts take place at the Applied Technology Center, where professionals across several different disciplines deliver remote support to a home or neighborhood, agency-wide. 

At GoodLife, the Applied Technology Center is home to our remote night support team, remote Behavioral Analysts, remote training and DSP support, and our remote Nursing and Telehealth clinic. But the sky’s the limit! Almost any professional service could be delivered directly to the home using GoodLife’s approach and (especially as we navigate an ongoing pandemic) we want to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of providing care on demand for people in their own homes, by caregivers they know and trust. 

To make all this possible, we rely heavily on our iLink Assist Software, which has been designed to take the extensive data from iLink Home and interpret it based on customizable rules and logic. iLink Assist functions somewhat like a filter: it eliminates the need for our remote coaches to look at every data point or sensor alert that’s triggered within a home. Instead, it allows them to focus on specific alerts that rise to a specific level or need or have been identified by the client as a reason to follow up. This improves privacy, reduces unnecessary intrusion, and empowers self-direction for our residents. iLink Assist also streamlines the coordination of the care team, actively following and tracking which caregiver is responding and escalating matters if needed. Because of this, our caregivers can cover more ground, extending their capacity which is critical now more than ever. The iLink Assist software is really the glue that holds all of our systems together, melding iLink Home, the agency-wide remote infrastructure, and our delivery of on-demand professional services.

And iLink is improving daily. Next time Mike is going to share how all of these components have been combined into an enterprise solution that can benefit other providers, like us. We know that iLink is helping GoodLife redefine the care paradigm and are eager for it to help you, too. If you would like to explore partnering with us, please visit our website or contact Megan Todd to set up a personalized meet and greet with our team.

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