Going further, together.

Going further together

As a mission-driven non-profit, it has always been our hope that our work would become easier over time, but this has not been the case. Instead, service-driven industries like ours face longer waiting lists, rising labor costs, and shrinking funding streams. Collectively, these trends forecast the coming of a disheartening tsunami of challenges on the heels of a community service-delivery system that is already fragile. Squeezing more value out of traditional approaches to care is not the answer, and those who try will continue to struggle with leveraging costs in ways that preserve margin. As my colleague Sean Miller says, “No margin, no mission.”

We’ve seen strategic alliances, networks, and co-ops outlast stand-alone competitors every time. In order to ensure success (and sustainability) in the coming years, like-minded independent providers must develop strategies to align ourselves. We share a common vision: to provide those we support with a wonderful home and person-centered services, equipping each one to be an active community member.

Partnering to provide individualized, supported and affordable care

CLO’s legacy and GoodLife’s future depend on forging these intentional partnerships. As a care provider, we know it’s important to ensure that those we serve receive the highest level of care while maximizing our resources.  The GoodLife Co-Op enables small and mid-size service-driven agencies to experience the benefits of a large-scale operation including innovative staffing solutions, fractional sage leadership or consulting, financial accounting management, and service coordination.

Cooperating for a future of possibility

Our Co-Op is underway in Kansas City and will be expanded to agencies throughout Kansas and Missouri in January 2019. Mergers are now commonplace, but the GoodLife Co-Op addresses a deep need for cost effectively gaining the benefits of scale without sacrificing your independence. We are all in this together and I truly believe that it is better to cooperate than compete. If you agree, I’d love to hear from you.

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