The Neighborhood Network: Our blueprint for independent living

The Neighborhood Network: Our blueprint for independent living

We are proud that GoodLife is home to many. And like every builder knows, a lasting home starts with a carefully-considered plan that holds firm over time. Most traditional service strategies are costly, promote increased dependence and lack the quality-of-life services that residents and families want. Oftentimes, residents feel they must choose between independence and the safety and security of an expensive care setting.

The Neighborhood Network (NN) is our blueprint that promotes independent living for seniors and individuals with I/DD to maximize abilities and encourage independence. Our service model fuses 24/7 peace of mind with personalized care at the exact moment and place of need, thereby reducing costs and allowing those we serve to experience meaningful and satisfying lives in their own homes. The NN offers a superior alternative to assisted living or traditionally staffed group homes that is sustainable, affordable, and inclusive.

At its core, the NN combines the foundation of a well-selected neighborhood with the personalized technology of iLink and professional next-door neighbors.

Well-selected neighborhood: We select our neighborhoods intentionally, as they are the foundation for our service model. They are close to transportation, schools and community resources, and housing partners are supportive, innovative and compassionate.

iLink technology: iLink is smart, approachable, person-centered technology that delivers in-home support and immediate care. Local coaches know each resident personally and provide a virtual presence to empower those who want to thrive at home and in the community. They remotely monitor to support health, behavioral and safety needs, control home automation, and deploy and supervise in-home help.

Professional Neighbors: Professional Neighbors are caregivers who permanently live in the neighborhood they support and provide as-needed, around-the-clock care. Professional Neighbors are deployed and supervised by iLink to ensure delivery of the best and safest care.

The Neighborhood Network offers a new paradigm of services that affordably empowers people to live an enriched life as independently as possible.

Watch the NN model in action above, and reach out to us to learn more.

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