Meet Anthony Stephens

Meet Anthony

Anthony, how do you contribute to the GoodLife population? 
I think the better question is how does GoodLife contribute to my life? That’s way more impactful in my mind! But to answer your question, I am a Direct Support Professional (DSP) serving four men that live together in one of our residential homes. My job is to care for these men so they can have an exceptional quality of life.  That means attending to their basic hygiene and care needs, like bathing or helping them make meals. I make sure they spend time in their community and with friends, take them to appointments and activities, assist with their medication schedule, and help them practice safe living procedures. Really, it is all of the things you would do to care for a family member, and that’s exactly what it feels like. 

It sounds like you truly enjoy your job. What do you like best? 
First and foremost, I love being able to provide quality care to residents. Of course, having a job and getting paid is essential, but here I receive a different kind of payment that’s worth more than any salary. I’m able to help someone live a better life or care for them in ways they can’t care for themselves, and that is meaningful to me. For example, Matthew is 19 years old. He’s non-verbal and speaks using a communication device. Sometimes, Matthew needs my help to use the device if it’s not working the way he wants it to. He knows he can rely on me to help him communicate his needs and feelings, and seeing his anxiety turn into a smile makes me feel whole-hearted at the end of the day. 

Second, I really like the diversity in the types of job schedules DSPs can choose from. Personally, I prefer “front half/back half” shifts (three 12-hour day or night shifts that typically include one weekend day). Working three days in a row allows me time to build a relationship with residents and their families, and it makes me feel like I can help my guys accomplish everything that needs to be done. Plus, it gives me the rest of the week to pick up extra shifts if I need to.

What is GoodLife doing differently? 
I’ve worked as a DSP with other providers, and GoodLife’s checks-and-balances help me feel more supported as a caregiver than I’ve ever been. iLink Remote Support allows my residents and me to connect to healthcare resources right when needed for on-demand assistance and communication. I’m on the front lines each day with my residents, but I know there is a whole network of home coaches and managers supporting me in maintaining a consistent standard of care. It feels like a big family: it’s reliable, accountable, and there’s always someone available to help. It ultimately empowers me to provide a better quality of independent living for my guys. 

Why would you tell a friend to work with GoodLife? 
I think we all, hopefully, get to a point in life where we want more than money out of our jobs. We want to feel like we’re making a difference or showing love. Personally, my satisfaction comes from working with people. It changes you and your perspective on how you measure good and bad days. And there is a population of people who need help from people who can help. So, I would tell a friend or someone looking for a new career opportunity, that if you’re looking for that “more” in your life, GoodLife is the place to find it. 

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