Applied Technology Center: Connecting communities to holistic care

Applied Technology Center

GoodLife’s vision is to redefine what’s possible for supporting people to live independent, satisfying and purposeful lives. We believe when neighbors, technology, and care come together, life is good. A connected community is our most powerful tool for independent living, and the blueprint for our service model, The Neighborhood Network

The Applied Technology Center is integral to GoodLife’s approach to care. It is an amenity for each of our Neighborhood Networks, and the hub that uses iLink Remote Support to connect residents to personalized, professional care at the moment and place of need.  

iLink is a virtual presence in each home that can: (1) remotely monitor and support health, behavioral, and safety needs, (2) control home automation, and (3) deploy and supervise in-home help. iLink also connects health care, behavioral, and service coordination professionals to each home. And this is made possible by GoodLife’s Applied Technology Center. 

Inside each Applied Technology Center are five distinct sectors:

  • Health Care: Nursing staff delivers care from on-site exam rooms or via video consults, so rehab, medications, check-ups, or answers to health questions are close by. 
  • Behavioral Analysts: In real time, or retroactively, BAs remotely monitor behaviors as needed to mobilize in-home help, create a care plan or configure smart home solutions based on individualized needs. 
  • Vacancy Management: Knowing in-home caregivers have higher-than-average turnover rates, GoodLife stays connected to staff during their time in the homes to support, train and answer questions.  
  • Service Coordination: Targeted Case Managers comprehensively access the resources of GoodLife while providing advocacy and support. 
  • Quality Assurance: We continually measure and evaluate our outcomes with our partners at the University of Kansas to ensure services are linked to the best practice standards and high satisfaction of our residents and their families.

Another key component of the Applied Technology Center is Central Site Monitoring (CSM), the eyes and ears of iLink. Every staff member that works in Central Monitoring starts as a GoodLife caregiver. They understand our residents and their individual needs and can generate valuable insight while working with the technology to care for residents. Central Monitoring staff also provide support and backup to the direct care staff, answering questions, managing critical events, and delivering quality oversight.  While smaller, local monitoring pods exist in each neighborhood staffed with live-by or live-near caregivers to offer just-around-the-corner support, Central Monitoring is much larger and provides support to every GoodLife neighborhood and home. 

Connecting communities with iLink and the Applied Technology Center means Professional Neighbors, iCoaches, and other care professionals can share data across the care continuum for long-term quality improvement, training, and to meet the daily needs of residents. Our goal is to focus each of the five sectors away from how things have been done traditionally.  To safely integrate technology with care models we realize we need a new way, a new infrastructure, and a new delivery system. 

GoodLife has been building this for the last 20 years. We’ve been developing a new paradigm of care that safely delivers high-quality care to homes and neighborhoods, exactly where the need arises. iLink and our Neighborhood Network approach fuses 24/7 peace of mind with personalized care, thereby reducing costs and allowing residents to experience independence in their own homes. 

The Applied Technology Center goes a step further and enables GoodLife to deliver professional health care, behavioral, and mental health support, and service coordination services on demand to each home and neighborhood.  Now more than ever we need safe ways to provide care. As we necessarily move away from traditional clinics and congregate care settings, there is no doubt (especially now) that GoodLife clients and staff will continue to benefit from being connected to the Applied Technology Center.

Want an inside look at the Applied Technology Center? Check out Nichole’s staff profile, our Director of iLink Support Services. Interested learning more bringing the Applied Technology Center to your neighborhood? Talk with us today!

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